Allow Me To Introduce The Cast Of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

April 27, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The official cast list for ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ has now been released. The following list are those who will be returning this season and those who have been added to the cast roster.


Evan Peters, who has been with ‘American Horror Story’ since the beginning, will once again be returning to play “The Prowler”, a mysterious young man who can be found lurking in the shadows.


Sarah Paulson, is yet another show regular, will be playing the role of Janis Joplin, who is oblivious to the terrifying events that await her.


Kathy Bates, who joined the show two seasons ago,will by walking the halls of the ‘Hotel’ as Claudia DeVeau, a close friend of Joplin’s.


Finn Wittrock, played the slightly psychotic role of Dandy, will be joining the cast once again. This time he will portray Chap Newton, a fan down on his luck.


Michelle Pfifer, will be joining ‘AHS’ for ‘Hotel. Pfifer will be playing the role of Martina McBride, the hotel’s previous owner.

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Lily Rabe from season 3 ‘Coven’, will be portraying Annabelle Evergreen. Annabelle is the owner of the hotel, but is slowly losing her sanity.

Alexander Skarsgard, known for his role of vampire hunk in ‘True Blood’, will be a new cast member this season. Skarsgard will play Joshua, Annabelle’s devoted husband.


Angela Bassett, who played the voodoo queen Marie Laveau in season 3, will be strutting her stuff as a Jazz singer, Lolita Jones.


Denis O’Hare, from seasons 1 and 4, will be behind the bar, making drinks at the hotel under the name Leo Maxwell.


Matt Bomer only had a brief role in ‘Freak Show’, but will be back as Terry Castro, a bellhop who is “a real goody-two-shoes”.


Frances Conroy, the fiery haired witch from season 3, is back for another role, this time as Maude Madelyn, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator with a taste for murder.


Grace Gummer, the tattooed girl from the freak show, will return this season as Emma Lam. Emma is a maid who likes to snoop.


Wes Bentley will be playing the role of Father Dominic Deon.


Chloe Sevigny, the nymphomaniac from ‘Asylum’, does a 180 to play a happy wife named Lois Deon.


Michael Chiklis, the strong man from last season, will play a jobless scientist this fall, named Dr. Nelson Brackett.


Christine Estabrook from season 3, will be Abigail White, the realtor trying to sell the hotel.


Lady GaGa, will be flexing her pipes as lounge singer (no surprise there) Elisa Starr this season.


Tammy Blanchard plays Theresa Faulkner. Theresa is a strict and bitter maid in the hotel, who has a habit of peeping on the guests.


Cheyenne Jackson, who’s been nominated for several Grammy Awards, is new this season and will be playing a loose lipped bellhop, who’s a little sketchy.


Donald Sutherland, will be fighting the evil with in the hotel as Father  Abner Gates.


Steven Weber plays Ray Ottoman, a hotel inspector that no one cares for.


Unfortunately, Jessica Lange will not be returning for season 5.


Judging by the cast list, we can see that ‘American Horror Story’ has really upped it’s game. I have a feeling this may be the best season yet!



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