‘Gypsi: Voodoo On The Bayou’ The Series

April 27, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Two very lovely, very kind sisters named Angel and Mysti Cozart have created a new series titled ‘Gypsi’ which takes place in the fictional city of Lisette, Louisiana.

gypsi 2

The city has a very mysterious Victorian feel about it. The citizines of the town believe in the dark world of magic and ancient traditions. The series follows Gypsi LaSalle, who is drawn to the town by her dreams and an heirloom. Gyspi finds herself in the mysterious city where she encounters witches, shapeshifters and Voodoo practitioners. The seductive powers of the dark quickly pull her in. Gypsi, her family and her friends must piece together pieces of the past to reveal who Gypsi truly is, and who she is meant to be.

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‘Gypsi’ is being directed by Marishka Phillips (Love Always, Ertha). The Lovely actress, Eve Mauro (Ozombie) has been cast in the lead role of Gypsi. Ruby Modine (Plastic Jesus) will be playing Eden LeCroix. ‘Phobia’ actor Wolfgang Weber stars as Aiden De La Cruz. Dark Goddess Lisette Jarreau is played by Catherine Black. Tomas Bykin (I Am) stars as Bon Baptieste. Jeremy and Justin Farrar play the roles of the LaSalle twins. Kyle Heser, who’s most recent role was in ‘The Chair’, is Rafe De La Cruz in ‘Gypsi’.  Pat Whit, who is an ex Miami Dolphins’ Quarterback turned actor, also stars in this series. There are many other talented actors who have signed on for ‘Gypsi’.

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Gypsi is still exploring networks, but will begin filming in October, 2015 in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Follow ‘Gypsi’ on Twitter and their website will be up later this month (we will update as soon as it’s available). Gypsi Productions also has a T-shirt campaign going that you should check out.

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