The Controversial Horror Film ‘Don’t Look Now’ Is Being Remade

May 8, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Forty years after it’s release, the 1973 horror film ‘Don’t Look Now’ is being remade. will be overseeing the remake with StudioCanal. Rona and Heineman recently worked as a team on the thriller ‘Unkown’ and are currently working on the remake of ‘Escape From New York’ .

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‘Don’t Look Now’ was based on a short story by Daphne du Maurier. The movie follows John and Laura (Sutherland and Christie), a couple who are grieving the death of their young daughter. The two take a vacation to Venice, in an attempt to save their marriage. A Psychic warns them that the two are in danger. John soon begins seeing a child’s figure around Venice, the figure is wearing a red coat that is identical to the one his daughter was wearing when she died.

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‘Don’t Look Now’ is a twisted film that was directed by Nicolas Roeg. Most people remember the film for a sex scene, that is still debated to this day. Fans went back and forth in debate about the scene and if was actually the real deal, if you know what I’m saying. The extremely graphic scene was shared between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. The two have long denied the action was real, but a Paramount executive swears he saw the “action” first hand and insists the sex was very real.

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The remake of ‘Don’t Look Now’ has entered the preproduction phase. At this time, no cast or release date has been announced.

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The trailer for the original 1973 ‘Don’t Look Now’



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