Movie Review: Area 51 (2015)

May 19, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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‘Area 51’ was written by Christopher Denham along with Oren Peli, who also directed this found footage film. ‘Area 51’ follows three conspiracy theorist friends as they plot to break into Area 51. The friends are joined by a woman who has inside knowledge of the base. The guys break into the home of a high ranking employee of the base to get his his access card and fingerprints.  Reid (Reid Warner), Darrin (Darrin Bragg) and Nikki (Nikka Far) make their way to the base. Once inside they are split up when guards pursue them. Reid and Nikki find incredible and disturbing evidence of extraterrestrials inside the base. The group has accidentally let out a very dangerous creature.

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Let’s begin with the cinematography. ‘Area 51’ takes found footage to a whole new level and it was a horrible idea. The movie left me nauseous, my head spinning and me very irritated. Out of an hour and a half of footage maybe 20 minutes were clear enough to actually see what was happening. The story line had a lot of issues. Half the movie the characters spent talking about how secure the base was, then they basically walked on. The only interesting part of the story was based around Reid, but was not explained or followed up on.  Not taking the aliens into consideration, there was nothing believable about this movie. The action consisted of the characters running from corridor to corridor, at least I think that’s what was happening, the footage was to shaky to really tell. The movie had so much potential that went unfulfilled. All things considered, ‘Area 51’ was a complete let down.

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If you are interested in seeing ‘Area 51’ it is in select theaters and on VOD now.



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