Fan Favorite’s Name Removed From The Walking Dead’s Opening Sequence

November 2, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Warning Spoilers !

There are troubling changes on ‘The Walking Dead’ that imply Glenn might not make it after all. On last night’s (November 1st) episode of TWD ‘Here’s Not Here’, you could see a change in the opening credits, Steven Yeun’s name has been removed.  Yeun’s name has been listed in the opening credits since the very first episode, until now.

In the episode ‘Thank You‘, Glenn was thrown to the ground, among a zombie horde, after Nicholas took his own life. The last moments show Glenn on the ground, screaming, as entails are being ripped out and torn apart.


Many fans refuse to believe that Glenn is really dead and have come up with the theory that the intestines actually belong to Nicholas, who may have landed on top of Glenn. People believe he’s now hiding under the dumpster that he and Nicholas were standing on, but I’m not so sure.


Unfortunately, there are other signs he’s in real trouble, besides his name being removed from the opening sequence. Word is, Yeun has now been downgraded to a part time cast member. That means he may just be returning in flashbacks.



The next episode, titled ‘Now’, focuses on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha in trouble, Maggie worried sick and the aftermath of the attack on Alexandria. In the first promo for ‘Now’ we see Maggie grabbing her bag to go look for Glenn.



We may have to wait until November 22nd’s episode to find out if Glenn Survives. The people at ‘The Walking Dead’ love to make us sweat. On November 1st’s episode of ‘The Talking Dead’, Glenn was not included in the section of the show where they remember those lost in the episode and Scott Gimple sent this message for Chris Hardwick to read to fans: 

“Dear Fans of The Walking Dead, This is a hard story to tell, and when we were planning to tell it we knew our friends at Talking Dead would be talking to you about it. And knowing you would all be talking and feeling and commiserating I knew we should say something about it, lest our silence say something we didn’t mean to say or not say. So I’ll say this: In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn or parts of Glenn again either in flashback or in the current story to help complete the story.”

The statement gives us no clear answer, but all the signs are pointing to Glenn not surviving, and that breaks my heart. Glenn is such a wonderful and kind character. He’s always willing to give someone a second chance and goes out of his way to help those in need. I truly hope that by some miracle, he makes it out alive. The show needs characters like Glenn.

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