A Review Of The Walking Dead’s Mid Season Premiere “No Way Out”

February 16, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night AMC aired the mid season premier of The Walking Dead, “No Way Out”. It was action-packed, panic-inducing, traumatizing, insane and completely amazing! Last night after watching, I found it hard to sleep. The events from the episode had my head swimming, so many incredible moments, so many deaths.

The premiere started with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha stopped in the road by Negan’s men, “The Saviors”. Just when they were about to kill Abraham and Sasha, Daryl comes to the rescue and blows The Saviors to hell. Daryl pulled not one, but two completely badass moves in the episode with his new favorite toy, a RPG.

no way 1

daryl rpg 1

Towards the end of “No Way Out”, while Rick and the others were fighting a horde of walkers we finally saw both Eugene and Gabriel grow some balls and man-up, and it’s about freaking time. After being held hostage by the “Wolf”, Denise finds her strength, just in time to take care of the injured. Carol and Morgan finally had their talk and she states “I should have killed you.” As he is walking away he responds “You can’t.” Morgan needs to leave before he gets the group killed with his refusal to kill the living. In that world, some people just need to die.

We saw an entire family wiped out, which I won’t complain about. It was time for them to go. Sam had gone insane (listening to Tiny Tim sing over and over will do that). I hate that Jessie had to go, but screaming your head off in the middle of a horde of walkers tends to draw a lot of unwanted attention. Rick suffered a flashback while chopping off her hand to free Carl from her grip. As for “Porch Dick Jr.” (Ron), he got what he deserved for shooting Carl. I’m glad that Michonne was there to take care of him.

no way out

That takes us to the hardest scene in the episode, Carl losing an eye, courtesy of dumb-ass Ron. You could almost hear Walking Dead fans across the world gasp at the same moment. We knew it was coming, it’s in the comic, but that didn’t make it any easier to watch. Luckily in the last moments during Rick’s monologue, while holding Carl’s hand bed-side, we see Carl grip his father’s hand.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

carl 3

Glenn finally made it back to Maggie, but as he was leading the walkers away he came seconds from death, ready to sacrifice his life for her and their unborn baby, but just when we are getting ready to grieve for Glenn (again), Abraham and Sasha come to the rescue with automatic weapons.

photocat maggie

Rick finally came to the realization that the people of Alexandria are his people after all and that they were worth fighting for, Alexandria is worth fighting for.

We have all heard people say “That was the best episode ever!”, but this time, it really was the best. There have never been so many important moments, so much perfection than there was in last night’s mid season premiere.

I wish I could properly express my gratitude to the cast, the crew and to Greg Nicotero (he directed the “No Way Out”), they all did such an amazing job on the premiere!

Here’s the trailer for episode 10 “The Next World”.

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