Exclusive New Brutal Clip From Eli Roth’s Clown

June 2, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Eli Roth’s Clown will finally see it’s long awaited U.S. release. The film is based on a fake movie trailer created by Jon Watts, of the same name, in 2010. Roth teamed up with Watts to bring Clown to life in a real life full length feature film. The film, directed by Jon Watts and produced by genre genius Eli Roth, was released last year in the UK, but for some reason it never saw release here in the states, until now. The nightmarish film came available on March 18th on Vudu, iTunes and other digital formats from Anchor Bay. Clown will finally arrive on DVD and Blu-ray in the US on June 17th.



Clown follows Kent, a father who dons on an old clown costume that he found in the attic after the clown for his son’s birthday party cancels at the last moment. Determined not to let his son down, he puts on the suit, the paint and the nose.  After the party is over Kent discovers that he has a serious problem, the suit won’t come off. Slowly Kent can feel himself changing. No matter what he tries he can not get the costume off, and when he attempts to take it off, he ends up in horrible agony. Kent is beginning to notice something disturbing. He’s hungry and he’s only craving one thing, children. Kent must fight his new hunger and make a decision to either let himself be taken over by his new nature or protect his family, from himself.



Today we have an exclusive clip that features the Clown, a child, a ball pit and a lot of blood.



Clown stars Andy Powers as Kent, Peter Stomare, Laura Allen, Christian Distefano and Elizabeth Whitmere and was written by Christopher Ford and Jon Watts. James Holt, Robert Menzies, Brian Oliver, Harvey Weinstein and Bob Weinstein serve as executive producers.


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