Travel To The ‘City Of The Dream Demons’ On DVD Later This Month

June 19, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Johnny Dickle’s B-horror-film City of the Dream Demons is approaching it’s DVD, VOD and VHS later this month via New Wave Independent Pictures. Johnny Dickle not only directed but also co-stars along side Joey Davalos, Jack Mulvanerty, Anthony Edward Curry, Molly Russakoff and Joe Ankenbrand.

In City of the Dream Demons, Tommy has been suffering from bad dreams as far back as he can remember. He could never sleep more than 8 hours without waking up screaming. Now, on his sixteenth birthday, he’s ready to party! That doesn’t sit well with the five bloodthirsty dream demons who are ready to paint the streets in blood, bile, and slime.


city of the dream


Will Tommy and his buddies be able to survive the party or be slaughtered?


Information/Image Source: City of The Dream Demons Press Release

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