[UPDATE] Jason’s TV Venture In Fates Hand. [INTERVIEW] Gun Media Talks Friday The 13th: The Game

July 18, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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Can Jason ever die? Gun Media says no! I recently sat down with the creators of Friday The 13th: The Game. But before I get into that, news just broke Jason has a possibility of not only starring in his own video game for the second time (he had a game in the 80’s as well), his 13th film of the franchise but also possibly a TV series!

Word of Friday The 13th The TV Series coming to the CW was announced awhile back and then was slated for a Fall 2016 release. After a dead stand still in press for the series, an announcement was made the series is in fact NOT coming to the CW just yet. The reason for CW’s putting on hold of F13 was in blatant terms a mediocre script. The F13 TV script was reported to tell the story of a detective looking for his brother in Crystal Lake, merely mirroring the 2009 remake. Recent news though places Jason’s TV venture in fates hand, as the idea has been shelved until April 2017. By April, if a script isn’t approved by CW, the project will be then auctioned off to either another network or as fans requested stationed on Netflix. Netflix and kill?

So far movie-to-TV adaptions been doing pretty well. Between Teen Wolf, MTV’s SCREAM and Ash VS Evil. Fans seem to love to tune in! Time will tell if our favorite Summer slasher will ever take our TVs and/or how it will be projected. Stay tuned.

My interview with Gun Media

Horror Fuel- So I watched the gameplay premiere of F13 and was pretty impressed! I loved that Mrs. Voorhees controlling thing going on. I don’t think fans have heard Mrs. Voorhees taunting Jason since Freddy VS Jason. Loved it! So I just want to start this off with a question that’s been bugging me, after my getting excited for the game ever since I heard it was going to be released, I’m now wondering if I need to buy another gaming platform? Although I know it’s coming out this Fall on PC, Xbox1 and PS4, I was wondering if the game will ever come out on any other platforms? Will it?

Gun Media- Only those platforms at the moment.

HF- How about a sequel game? Do you see one in the future?

GM- Way too early to even be thinking about talking about a sequel. This one hasn’t even come out yet!

HF- If there was too be a sequel, which Jason would you guys want to see in it?

GM- Well, we’re not talking about sequels…but we’ve already announced that parts 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and a new version of Jason designed by horror FX legend Tom Savini will be in the game.

HF- Will we ever have a story mode or single player mode? Like will fans be able to relive the intensity of the franchise? I guess what I’m saying is, will players playing Jason ever battle Freddy in the game?

GM- That goal was not reached during the slasher backer campaign, but we hope to have single player in one day!

HF- I’m sure you’re only at the moment focused on F13 but if you had another dream franchise to shoot into the video game world which one would it be?

GM- We’re entirely focused on F13, but we do love other franchises [smiles].

HF- I read somewhere that in the game, when playing Jason, we’ll be able to transport to each kill. That’s seemingly like on F13 09, when Jason could tunnel under Crystal Lake to his victims. Will the tunnel from F13 09 be available?

GM- We’re still working on how the system is going to work with Jason and being able to move around the map quickly without breaking lore. The video we showed where that occurred was a bit cheesed up, sure…but we’re trying to get an idea for players to know what to expect. More on that will be coming later.

HF- If the game is set in 1980, will the counselors have access to cars or phones?

GM- The game is glorifiying the look and feel that Friday the 13th has evoked for a very, very long time. We have already confirmed cars and phones in the game. Those were around back then, after all.

HF-How about weapons? Will the counselors be equipped with any sort of weapons like guns or axes or..

GM- We’ll have more on combat later, but we have confirmed that counselors can and will utilize items on the map to try to take Jason down.

HF- What about the Jason VR experience? Will we ever get that experience in the game?

GM- VR is cool, but it’s something we need to explore before we say anything about.

HF- What about the new Friday film or a possible TV series, what are your thoughts on them?

GM- We’re not affiliated with either project and don’t know much about them…so not sure what to comment on other than hope they see the projects through and we can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

HF- Is Jason really dead? *He says before Jason’s eyes open..end credits*

GM- Can Jason ever die?

You can pre-order Friday The 13th The Game now here and have it in your hands by say just around Halloween.

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