Disney Star To Play Yong Jeffrey Dahmer In New Film

October 5, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Twenty-five years ago, Jeffery Dahmer became a household name after he committed a series of brutal murders. His legacy of evil still lingers today. Before he became a serial killer, he was a relatively normal child and teenager. At his school, Revere High School in Ohio, Dahmer had friends, and did the things most teenagers do. One of his friends was author Derf Backderf.



Backderf began his graphic novel in 2012 based their high school friendship, titled ‘My Friend Dahmer’. The graphic novel is now being adapted for a full-length film. Young Dahmer will be played by Disney star and musician Ross Lynch.
Lynch’s role is completely opposite of his clean-cut Disney image. He’s going from roles in films like ‘Teen Beach Movie’ to playing the young killer. Lynch is the spitting image of young Dahmer.
Young Dahmer
Ross Lynch as young Dahmer
It’s not a slasher film –  it’s a very melancholy tale full of regret and remorse that shows this young kid spiraling into madness.” Lynch told Rolling Stones.
‘My Friend Dahmer’ will co-star Anne Heche, Vincent Kartheiser, Alex Wolf, Dallas Roberts, Dontez James, Harrison Holzer, Cameron McKendry, Tommy Nelson and Miles Robbins.
Jeffrey Dahmer was not only a serial killer. He was also a cannibal and necrophiliac. He murdered, dismembered and ate parts of seventeen young men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He also kept trophies like skulls, and body parts. He died at the hands of another prisoner. Inmate Christopher Scarver beat Dahmer to death in 1994.
I’m interested to see how Lynch makes the leap from Disney to Killer. The film will be the first time we have seen Dahmer’s life as young man. ‘My Friend Dahmer’ is set for release next year. The exact date has not been announced.

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