John Borowski’s Serial Killer Culture

March 1, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Well…here we are my Little Monsters, we’re in a brand new month. To start off this new month I would like to make a suggestion about something that you really ought to check out. Staring today, March 1st, there is a new six part series from documentary filmmaker John Borowski, entitled Serial Killer Culture TV,  available for viewing or purchase at Amazon.
What exactly is serial killer culture? One could posit that it is a form subculture that focuses not just on the killers themselves, but also their crimes, their motivation and the historical context. With this series, Borowski picks up where he left off with his documentary film on the subject, by further shedding light on all manner of endeavors that have arisen from people’s fascination with these real life monsters.
To understand why Borowski created this series, we must go back to when he began this particular journey in 2014 with the release of his documentary Serial Killer Culture. In this film he interviewed writers, collectors, artists and musicians, all of whom draw their inspiration from or at the very least have a keen interest in serial killer lore. He even focuses on a guided tour that covers the hunting grounds of one Jeffrey Dahmer. What’s more is that many of these people have been in contact with and may also have established personal relationships with these killers after their incarceration.

This documentary features the likes of Steve Giannangelo, Rick Staton, Joe Hiles, David Van Gough, Joe Coleman,  Matthew Aaron, Hart Fisher, Sam Hane, Amanda Morden and Nicholas Vollmann, as well as the members of the bands Speranza, Macabre and The Crawlspace Brothers.
John Borowski’s film Serial Killer Culture and the new series Serial Killer Culture TV are also available for purchase on DVD directly from his Serial Killer Culture website. If you happen to be one of the FIRST 100 to order Serial Killer Culture TV  on DVD at his website you will get something extra. So hurry my Little Monsters and check them both out and feed your morbid fascinations. Believe me when I say that they are definitely an interesting, informative and entertaining way to kill some time. (See what I did there? “KILL” some time?)

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