Exclusive Interview With Comic Book Creator, Writer And Actor Mitch Hyman, Satan Himself

May 17, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of HorrorFuel.com. She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email: horrorfuelinfo@gmail.com

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Funny man Mitch Hyman wears a lot of hats, writer, actor, comic book creator, and expert story teller. He sat down with me to catch up and talk about what has been happening with him since our last  interview back in 2016. Horror Fuel also snagged the exclusive on his upcoming sequel to Bubba the Redneck Werewolf which is killing it on Hulu.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hyman’s Bubba the Redneck Werewolf the film, based on Hyman’s long running comic by the same name, is a story of a dog catcher (Fred Lass) who sells his soul to Satan (who I will also be interviewing) so that he can win back his girl, Bobby Jo (Melone Thomas). He ends up with as a werewolf with a bigger mission, to save the town from Satan (Hyman). You can learn more HERE.

Horror Fuel: “How did Bubba the Redneck Werewolf come to be?”
Hyman: “I always loved Werewolves. I saw my first in the old Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein film my Dad had me watch. I loved the wolfman for his tragic wanting  to be like everyone else and I also thought being a part time monster was cool. Plus he kicked Dracula’s butt in that film. Every Halloween since I was a kid I tried to do the best one you could with the stuff they had in the middle ages. LOL! But the Bubba costume came together when I owned a bar in Central Florida. I had a friend who used to dress up as the “Tequila Bandito” and he had a bandoleer of Tequila Minis, a serape ( like Clint Eastwood wore in those Westerns) and Mariachi Hat then added a water pistol filled with lime juice. Don’t ask about the Salt. Just, don’t. LOL!

But I had an idea then, Overalls were in fashion and so were trucker Caps. So, I threw on the overalls and then found some pretty good Werewolf latex appliance make up and yak hair and made my face and arms up with grease paint for color. Then added the cap as I couldn’t make my “then” hair work right. I loved Cigars back then and so, had that and then with some  dime store fangs and went for it. I had an old school earthen ware jug and put some “Squeezin’s” in it.  We went to my bar as the Booze Brothers and just got everyone drunk and laughing. But I used that costume for years.
So, when I had to dress Bubba for my comics and as I am a fan of Lon Chaney Jr’s Lycan, who wore clothes…It was perfect! And as for Bubba’s personality? Well, we all have that one friend that when the Aliens are in the pasture picking up cows and the Zombies are coming up the front drive and ya call the cops, who tell you to hang up and sober up, you call that friend who you know will show up. And with Bubba? He just wanted to know if ya had any beer as long as he was coming out to see this stuff.  Bubba is truly about three things, his Girl, Bobbi-Jo, His buddies and his beer or Truck…Depending which would get him somewhere faster. LOL! He is just a good guy trying to be accepted and do the best he can.”

Horror Fuel: “That’s awesome. I love Bubba.”
Hyman: “A funny story is, when we did the premiere in downtown Deland, at the Athens theater, I ran into four of my old bar customers who came because they heard it was me and wanted to know what I was up to. It’s funny how the things that you do never really go away, like lawsuits and therapy.”
Horror Fuel: “What made you decide to start the comic?”
Hyman: “This is a very interesting story. I was working at Halloween Horror Nights back in the early 90’s. I was part of the first crew they ever hired. In fact, my friend Michael Davy was the first contractor. He designed the entire event and created many things they still use today.
We are at the event and there were only ten of us and we had to do hundreds of characters, and Michael Davy is an inventor of makeup. We were sitting there getting our work done, and there’s another guy working there named Michael Broom. He and I started talking comic books and talking about the new horror and gore books from indies. I said I knew a publisher and was talking about trying book. But he said I need to supply an artist…so Mike said he always wanted to try so we did.
Horror Fuel: “He’s worked on The Walking Dead, X-Men, The Mist, and R.I.P.D., right?”
Hyman: “Yeap.”

Horror Fuel: “You mentioned to me there is going to be a sequel to Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Can you tell us anything about it?”
Hyman: “Bubba II is a possibility now, And the tentative title is “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf #2…And we mean “Number 2!” Thinking a raod pic with Satan returning and teaming up with Bubba to handle a global threat. Hot classic cars, Great Race/Cannonball Run style craziness, a few characters from the comic series like “Evil Nick”, we did not use in the first film, Bubba’s kid and two hit men (Vinnie and Mook…Get the first book at Smashwords to see how they will tie in). I’m kinda fond of the mix. We’ll see..”

Horror Fuel: “I can’t wait. I’m a big fan of Vinnie and Mook. Your books they are a great read.”
mitch books
Horror Fuel: “If you will, can you put Satan on the phone. I have a few questions for that naughty little devil.”
mitch hyman
Satan: “Hey, how are you?”
Horror Fuel: “I’m good, except for the fact that it’s hot as Hell outside, but you’re probably used to that. How are you?”
Satan: “Actually, never better or more evil as it were! This world is now like a free for all  of Evil and crazy!  With all the fear and weakness that so many are just wallowing in, I feel like I am just like a kid coasting down a hill on my bike with my hands in the air and my feet off the pedals! Thanks, everyone! Sloth is one of my favorite sins.  No, not that big guy from the Goonies. SEE?  That’s what i’m talking about.

How many people out there are not gonna even look that word up and just go with some dumb ass Pop Culture reference?
Easy Peasy, Kelli! Love it! “

Horror Fuel: “Satan, how are you enjoying your new Hulu fame?”
Satan: “All publicity is good publicity! And now everyone thinks I’m just some fun loving lunatic screwing with the general public. MWAHAHAHA! This is the best campaign for taking souls since all those dipwads signed up for AOL years ago. And yep, I started that and called it AO HELL . LOL! But,there are still losers using it! Can ya believe it?!  Why don’t they and those goofs who go to Porno sites just mail me their wallets and souls! I can be reached at:  Satans_ID_grabbag@AOL. ”
bubba hulu

Horror Fuel: “Are you excited about the sequel to Bubba the Redneck Werewolf?
Satan: “Nah. That Hyman  jerk  ran out of My Little Pony Collectible Cash. He loves those things and he plays with them and has tea parties and makes little teeny Pony clothes for them. And I only know about this cause, I was over there with mine and he and I decided that the Mega Pony/ Brony Ranch was AWESOME and we both… Wait.
Are you recording THIS?!  Damn it!!
Ummm, uhhh, ummm…We just though that people would enjoy another film since the first got like top spot on Hulu and places like those Big box stores. Yeah! And THAT’S  the real reason. And I’m sticking to it. The SECOND story I just said, which is real and stuff and things !! Don’t look at me like that, Kelli!!”

Horror Fuel: “Come on now Satan, don’t give out Mitch’s secrets.”
Horror Fuel: “How do you feel about Bubba competing with Wolfcop?”
Satan: “Don’t you love how I work? I did that just to drive Mitch Hyman nuts. Bubba has been around since 1996 in comics, when those guys  who did Wolf Cop were just a gleam probably  in their parents eyes. I know, cause I put that gleam in there. Mwhahaha! Bubba is based on a drunken small town Animal Control Officer who always has to save his town from some kind of evil.  Wolf cop is a small town Drunken Police Officer who does the same. Coincidence? I’ll let the public figure it out. After all, I am the master of deception. Even better…Bubba was filming the EXACT same time as Wolf Cop. I just kept Hyman busy with editing and other road blocks because I knew he did his film for like 25,000 bucks and those other guys had a million. If Hyman ever got a million to do the next film, Hell even I couldn’t stop how huge that film can be if he gets that kind of cash. Let’s hope no one is smart enough to realize that!  Because I plan to keep Hyman running a race next to that jerk I have pushing that rock for eternity up a hill in hell!  And taking bets of who is gonna win. Yep. I am THAT evil!”
Horror Fuel: “I saw the premiere episode of your new show. If you will tell our readers about Coffee Time With Satan.”

Satan: “You saw it?!  I am not paying your therapy bills, Lady! Free will is YOUR problem! You chose to watch that! MWAHAHA!  But actually…With the world throwing back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
I decided that I will give humanity one last chance to fight back and wake the hell up before Hell takes over. So, back in the days of Early SNL, National Lampoon magazine, The Old Johnny Carson Show, Dean Martin roasts and so on, we learned to laugh at ourselves and so laughter took all the hot air outta politicians, bigots and bad used car salesmen.  So, blending 80’s cable access TV, with Wayne’s World amateur integrity and  honesty ( Honesty and integrity. Ugh, what I won’t do to sucker people) then add a bit of  game show and bad infomercial stuff. Wham! A steaming cup of Wake the F*** Up coming your way every month!  We have the craziest cast of characters too! Myrtle Meshuga; Customer service Rep from Hell, My mother, Zombie Momma Mary, My Wife, Lilith…and let me tell ya, Having your mother and your wife on the same show IS Hell! We also, have my co -host Ed McDemon who is always up to something no good. Plus we have a flying F**K Boy who could not give a Rat’s Banana about any of this crap. And other characters on the next show that will astound, amaze and make folks want to grab torches and pitchforks! Good times, Good Times.”
coffe time poster
Horror Fuel: “It’s filmed in Coffee Shop of Horrors right? I love their coffee.”

Satan: “I hate to admit this, but that stuff is truly the nectar of the gods, and I above all should know! Who do you think handles their subscriptions from the shop every month? Getting Fed-EX to get through the Multi Verse and successfully  dropping bags off on back water places like Newark, NJ or Cthulu’s beach home, Yog Soggoth -A -Largo is something only I can get done. I only charge triple too. Fair? Well…I am SATAN! And “Caffiends” like me, know how rare it is to get single source, free trade all natural fresh roasted goodness. Trust me…Goodness for me is kinda tough. So, Coffee Shop of Horrors make is easy and the I also get some hot and tasty sauces for the my damned bar B q’s from Side Show Sauces to make my life sweet!”
coffee time 1
Horror Fuel: “When can fans expect the next episode?”
Satan: “As soon as we get the sewer lines unplugged to the river Styx or the White House. Where do you think we get this material from?! You can’t make crap like this up and so gotta wait for a state dinner or a plane load of lawyers to take a header into Vegas.  But we film every month and so our next show is in June and will be every month we don’t get busted, um, caught, um, picked up by a major network or streaming service.  I’m hoping to be on Jimmy Fallon. He owes me, the bastard! He was one of mine years ago! He was then “Jimmy FALLEN”! I let him outta Hell to  go to a taping of some TV show cause I wanted him to steal the back stage gift bags . Kelli, that lotion they give out that’s  made from the tears of lazy producers who do TV and Film remakes is the bomb!”


Horror Fuel: “You have popping into a lot of conventions. When can fans see you next?”

Satan: “In their nightmares!!! I will be in San Diego for Comic Con looking for fresh souls and posing as Mitch Hyman. He’ll be working the Drive though at Dairy Queen for that Pony stuff that HE wants! I’m cool, so I ain’t into it. LIKE I SAID!  Although they do have those exclusives in SDCC….
Anyway,  the best part is that I hooked up the job cause he’s lactose intolerant!  MWAHAHA! So, see all of you on You Tube… or judgement day, whatever. But, I will go easier on ya, if you watch the show. And I WILL know if ya did!  I’ll be lurking for you…”

If you haven’t seen it yet, catch Bubba the Redneck Werewolf now on Hulu, then head over to Bubba’s website and grab a comic or a hat, a shirt, Coffee Shop of Horrors’ Bubba the Redneck Werewolf Spiced Bourbon Blend (review), or Bubba’s Bourbon Hot Sauce, it’s tasty stuff with a real bite. Be sure to stop by Amazon and pick up your copy of Vinnie and Mook: Hitmen in Paradise. Follow Bubba on Facebook for regular updates and other crazy stuff.
You can check out Coffee Time With Satan HERE.
We will keep you updated as Bubba the Redneck Werewolf 2 develops. Stay tuned.
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