Woman (In Horror) Crush Wednesday: Jessica Cameron

June 14, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

So, my Little Monsters, I had an actress (who will remain nameless until next week) picked out for this week’s celebration of a wonderful Woman of Horror, BUT at the last minute I decided to changed direction completely. The previous actress I had chosen is well known to horror and mainstream audiences alike, so I decided to show a little love to an indie horror darling. That’s why today I’m focusing my attention on the lovely and talented, miss Jessica Cameron.
Jessica was born in Owen Sound, Ontario, where she lived until her graduation from high school. With a keen interest in fashion, she then decided to move to Toronto where it became the focus of her studies at Ryerson University. Upon completion of her degree, Jessica secured a position with a fashion design firm in Ohio. During this time, she began taking acting classes and discovered she may have found her true passion. And in pursuit of said passion Jessica made the choice to pursue acting fulltime.
The reward for her efforts came with her first role as the “Female Victim” in the 2010 Midnight Syndicate Films production of The Dead Matter. Getting to appear alongside the likes of Edward Douglas, Tom Savini and Andrew Divoff is definitely not a bad way to kick off one’s career in the genre. Jessica has also been fortunate enough to work with other Horror icons like Steven Geoffreys (Mr. Hush), Roger Corman (producer of Camel Spiders) and Malcom McDowell (Silent Night), just to name a few.
While many of the productions Jessica was part of early in her career tended to gravitate predominantly around the Midwest, California eventually began to call out to her. Since her relocation to Los Angeles, Jessica has racked up an impressive number of credits to her resume. Overall she has amassed nearly 80 credits in feature films, shorts films and on television. Jessica even had a stint on the TLC series Brides of Beverly Hills, where she utilized her fashion expertise as a bridal stylist.
Aside from acting, Jessica has become involved in producing and directing as well. She has served as producer on over a dozen projects, and has also directed three feature films and three shorts. Jessica took complete ownership of her 2013 passion project, Truth or Dare, by co-writing, producing directing and starring in the film. She even started her own production company Small Town Girl Productions, through which she has produced the series Scream Queen Stream, segments for the 2014 and 2015 Women in Horror: Massive Blood Drive PSA as well as the films Truth or Dare, Mania, Police Brutality and most recently An Ending. But wait…there are currently three more films in the works at Small Town Girl: Lilith, Inheritance and Kill the Production Assistant. 
Jessica has also made her way to the pages of a few comic books,  having appeared in Brian Shirley’s  book, Crocaloctopus as well as Dennis Willman’s comic, Ginger-Stein.  Then in 2012 Dennis Willman featured Jessica in his comic book series; The Vengeance of Sleepy Hollow.
Whilst walking down a corridor at HorrorHound 2015, I passed by a blonde woman in a pink dress, who caused me to do a double take. I have to say that I was glad that I did, because otherwise I would have passed up a chance at meeting Jessica. She was there with her bestie, Heather Dorff, to help promote Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn, and just happened to be on her way to the screening room. However, she still had enough time for us to partake in a quick chat and to let me get photo before going on her merry way. It was truly lovely experience meeting Jessica and to say that she is a sweetheart would be a gross understatement.
As always, I like to leave a little bit of the legwork for you all to do yourselves. So, if you Little Monsters happen to be on the lookout for information about Jessica and her projects, future and past, you’re somewhat spoiled for choice. There are a bevy of different options to choose from, which include her official IMDb page, official website, official Twitter page or official Facebook page. You can also check out Jessica and Heather Dorff’s continuing antics (e.g. “Drunk Dorff”) on their series Scream Queen Stream.
So to all of you in my Little Monster horde, just like the baddie in a horror film, I will assuredly return. So until next Wednesday, be good…but only as good as you absolutely NEED to be.

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