Christmas Comes Early For ‘Resident Evil 7’ Fans

December 9, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Mark your calendars, the long-awaited DLC ‘Not a Hero’ for Capcom’s critically acclaimed hit, ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ is coming next week! The game was released in January of 2017 and scared many veteran fans of the game series where the game’s mechanics have changed from being a third-person action survival horror game to a first-person horror game. At the end of the game players meet a character who said his name was “Redfield”, a surname familiar with fans of the series which lead to speculations of whether or not the character is a member of the Redfield family or not since the helicopter he rode in on has the new looking Umbrella Co. logo on it (Umbrella is an organization that plays the role of the reoccurring antagonists in the game series).
After the game credits players are hit with a teaser picture of Redfield in action as it’s announcing that in spring of 2017 the DLC Not a Hero will be released, spring came and went without the DLC coming out.

The Evolution of Chris Redfield,

The new face of Chris Redfield

Fans can rejoice as it’s been confirmed a couple months ago and recently, ‘Not a Hero’ will be available for Free December 12th! Game director Koshi Nakanishi confirms that players will be taking on the role of Chris Redfield, confirming that the Redfield encountered at the end of the main campaign game is, in fact, the famed protagonist from the game’s series. Some fans are not too happy with the change in Redfield’s appearance but Nakanishi said that previous character models would not work since they were disproportionate but instead wanted to interpret what Redfield could look like in real life. Redfield charges into action against new monsters as he tracks down a mysterious figure, Thank You Capcom for the early Christmas present!

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