INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY Doesn’t Unlock Anything New

January 5, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

The fourth film and second prequel in the increasingly confusing “Insidious” series “The Last Key” doesn’t unlock anything new. More demons, more possessions, more creepy creatures with long creaky limbs; it’s more of the Insidious you know and love, except worse. Lin Shay is great as always as demon fighting elderly ass kicker Elise Rainer, but everything else is getting tired.
This time around Elise and her sidekicks Tucker and Specs are visiting Elise’s childhood home, where a key fingered demon is crawling around and causing havoc. Add in an appearance from a few more Rainer family members (one of whom has inherited Elise’s powers) some of the most uncomfortable “comic relief” I’ve ever seen, and plenty of long, tension and scare free scenes of people walking slowly, and you’ve got a film that stretch’s its 103 minute running time like a poor fitting pair of pants.
Elise is an amazing character, and in small doses Tucker and Specs aren’t bad either. When the announcement was made the next few “Insidious” films would be prequels (likely to get around Elise’s death in the first movie), I was really excited. The series writers had an open book to write whatever creative demons they wanted, whatever awesome adventures they wanted. And we got a skinny blue dude with keys on his hands…..
The film just isn’t scary. There’s no tension, no real threatening monster, no characters we care about dying (since we know the central trio will survive, as this is a prequel) and frankly no reason for anyone but series fans and horror journalists to go see it. And even they are probably going to leave disappointed. If you do got see this “The Last Key” do it for Lin Shay. If this series was as tireless and hardworking as her, it’d be on film number 8 by now.
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