14th Foot Washes Ashore In Canada

May 13, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Over the past decade, there’s been a strange occurrence in the southernmost part of British Columbia, human feet washing ashore from the sea. Last week the 14th foot washed ashore on Gabriola Island further fueling concerns as well as conspiracy theories.
The human feet that wash ashore are still inside shoes (in some cased hiking boots) leaving some to theories that there’s a serial killer cutting up victims and dumping them at sea, or that they’re victims of human trafficking, the theories go well beyond earthly possibilities to aliens.
It’s been stated many times by the Canadian Mounted Police that what’s occurring is strangely natural in the case of human remains that are out at sea. As the human body breaks down and sinks, the feet, protected by the shoes that are able to float, detached from the legs and get carried by the ocean’s current bringing them to the shorelines of British Columbia.

Image result for shoe floating on water

Not one of the shoes in question but showing that yes shoes float.

Not many are aware the coroner’s office made a statement that all previous cases were not the results of foul play according to the spokesman for the BC Coroner’s office Andy Watson. Also many are unaware that 9 out of the 14 feet discovered were identified through DNA testing. In cases last year a foot, still attached to a leg (bones), was found on a beach and DNA tests proved it belonged to a 79-year-old man from Washington State that went missing months earlier.
Below is a graph showing the locations of where the feet were found including whether or not the feet were identified. A bigger image can be seen HERE.

British Columbia Coroners Service


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