Get a Lizard Lesson from Tristan Risk and Friends!

Hey cats n’ creeps, while you are all cooped up n’ crazy in this wondrous quarantine we all find ourselves stuck in, why not take some time to learn all about a leapin’ lizard or two?

And what better way to to do that than courtesy of horror biz icon Tristan Risk (American Mary) and her fiends! Here’s what this whole shebang entails courtesy of the wicked words of Risk herself:

We at Tcs.Reptiles are offering Video Lessons/Workshops on Reptiles! Session lasts about an hour, We go over facts about the reptiles and answer any questions.

We understand that a lot of kids are going bonkers for entertainment and wanted to offer something both entertaining AND educational.

Sounds like a noble pursuit indeed! So why not head right here and get some lizard learnin’ jammed into your noxious noggins?!!



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