Austrian Spencer’s ‘The Sadeiest’ Will Change You – Book Review

April 16, 2021

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG

Austrian Spencer attacks his plot head on and it is powerful. This book really is unlike any other book I have read, it is strange, unique, gritty, difficult, beautiful, and phenomenal. Obviously a book about death is not a new concept, but the way that Spencer builds his story around this topic is where the uniqueness sits. I have often found (and enjoyed) authors using common horror tropes and putting their own spins on accepted mythologies, but this novel does so much more. It made me think not only about death, but about the inevitability, pain, variety, and reality of HOW death happens…and what comes next. This book digs deep into what death is and what happens surrounding this universally shared experience.
Much like with his plot, Spencer avoids using stock or stereotypical characters. Each character is strong and realistic. There are no filler characters. It must have been absolutely painstaking to fully flush out each character’s story, back-stories, ranges of emotions, and more, but that’s exactly what Spencer has done.

If not already obvious, I am amazed by the writing skill shown in this novel. He uses words as building blocks and crafts the worlds, characters and emotions he wants with seeming-ease. The surreal world created within The Sadeiest feels tangible and real. Spencer switches seamlessly from gritty and gruesome to heartfelt and beautiful. This is a powerful book and it is brought to life under the skilled pen (or typing) of Austrian Spener. The book is powerfully gripping and when you open it, you are in for a ride!
What I have to write here is not so much a critique, but more of a semi-disclaimer. This is not an easy read. Not only is the plot dense and deep, but it is emotionally challenging. These are not bad things at all (in fact, they further show Spenser’s abilities) but the subject matter is not for the feint of heart. Not only is it supremely gory and graphic – just the way we like it in the world of horror – but the discussions and experiences of death are heart wrenching and realistic. This book is dark and heavy…it will affect you. Death is dealt with in realistic and heart-wrenching way, not the normal trite ways that horror normally deals with death, but with true weight and true emotion.
This book changed me. It will stick with me. Spencer is an absolutely gifted and imaginative author and you should grab this book now right here.

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