True Crime Documentary ‘The Acid King’ Explores A Sacrificial Murder

November 22, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Ahead of its November release, we’ve got the new trailer for The Acid King, a true-crime documentary based on Ricky Kasso, the young man who murdered his friend in an alleged “Satanic sacrifice” in 1984.





Directed by Dan Jones and Jesse P. Pollack whose book the film is based on, the documentary examines Kasso’s life and hardships that may have made him a killer as well as the murder Kasso committed and the trial.

Ricky Kasso wasn’t a bad kid, but he was lost. To feel better, he started smoking pot, moving on from that to PCP and LSD. He ended up living on the streets and thinking he had nothing to lose. Gary Lauwers went from being a victim of bullying to using drugs to fit in, and finally robbery—but then he made the mistake of stealing from Ricky, and from that moment on, his fate was sealed.” Pollack states in his book. “A few months later, Gary went into the woods behind the park with Ricky and two other boys. Only three of them came out.

The subsequent police investigation and accompanying media circus turned the village upside down. It shattered the image of an idyllic small town, changed the way neighbors viewed each other, and recast the War on Drugs.

The Acid King premieres On n Demand November 9, 2021, from Wild Eye Releasing.

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