‘The Time I Have Left’ Debuts At The Future Games Show

March 25, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

GROUND Game Atelier announced their debut title, The Time I Have Left, as part of yesterday’s Future Games Spring Showcase. The Time I Have Left is available to wishlist now on STEAM and will launch for PC in 2023. The Time I Have Left is a time-driven exploration game with RPG elements and a big focus on storytelling. The player takes the role of Aline, a woman affected by a mysterious condition that marks her for certain death: The Miasma. Players will guide Aline in a race against time to escape from an enormous underground complex, Colony 7.






  • The clock is always ticking. What will players do with the time they have left? Key events only trigger at specific times. Shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items, and other secrets lie in wait.
  • Players will resist attacks from grotesque visions of death that assault Aline and will need to time their movements to evade the creatures that dwell in the liminal space.
  • New abilities are unlocked as players complete the in-game database, granting more tools to deal with the countless unexpected scenarios in your path.
  • The team at GROUND takes inspiration from classic games but breaks conventions to create something completely original.


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