Greece’s Horrorant Film Festival Returns to the Big Screen This May

April 29, 2022

Written by Joseph Perry

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After a two-year hiatus because of the COVID-19 virus, Athens, Greece’s Horrorant Film Festival is set to welcome audiences back to its shiver-inducing in-person cinema experience. This May, the fest will serve up 63 delightfully dark features and shorts. Following is the official press announcement.

During its first 6 years of life, Horrorant Film Festival has been acknowledged as one of Europe’s most up’n’coming genre fests, and the ever-growing and hungry for exciting cinematic experiences for which fans respond more and more enthusiastically.

Unfortunately, that was when Covid-19 hit and everything froze up. For two years, entertainment was considered almost banned and movie theaters paid a hard price.

The “easy” solution of online screenings was never an option for us, due to our belief that movies belong in the cinemas.

At last, the nightmare seems to be reaching its end, and — carefully but confidently — Fright Nights are ready to return.

This two-year hiatus was an opportunity to reconsider the whole structure of the festival and the first decision was to increase its duration, from 7 to 11 days, with more changes to come in the following years.

So, the 7th Horrorant Film Festival will take place 5–15 of May in Athens, at the newly renovated ELIZE movie theatre that is going to be its permanent home.

Our selection pool was pretty big this year, which made our screening process pretty difficult;. 63 movies were finally selected from all over the world — 25 full features and 37 shorts.

We are especially proud of our opening and closing movies.

Péter Bergendy’s haunting ghost-horror, Oscar-selected Hungarian POST MORTEM will light the torch and Mathieu Turi’s claustrophobic French thriller MÉANDRE will signal our goodbyes.

Here is the list of our selections for International Competition:

AL TERCER DÍA (Daniel de la Vega)

APPS (Lucio A. Rojas, Sandra Arriagada, José Miguel Zúñiga, Camilo León & Samot Márquez)

THE EX (Evgeniy Puzyrevskiy)

HAMBRE (Manu Herrera)

LA FORMA DEL BOSQUE (Gonzalo Mellid)

LLANTO MALDITO (Andres Beltrán)

LUZ: THE FLOWER OF EVIL (Juan Diego Escobar Alzate)

MÉANDRE (Mathieu Tur)

MOSQUITO STATE (Filip Jan Rymsza)

OFFSEASON (Mickey Keating)

POST MORTEM (Péter Bergendy)


THE 100 CANDLES GAME (Nicolás Onetti, Guillermo Lockhart, Víctor Català, Daniel Ruebesam, Tony Morales, Nicholas Peterson, Oliver Garland, Brian Deane, Christopher West)

THE DEVIL’S TAIL (Taz Pereyra, Carlota Martínez Pereda, Samantha Timms, Nicole Goode, Erica Scoggins, Laurel Vail)

THE LAST THING MARY SAW (Edoardo Vitaletti)

THE RED BOOK RITUAL (Ariel Luque, Dean Puckett, Chris Beyrooty, Dean Law, Daniel J. Phillips, Jiwon Moon)

THE SADNESS (Rob Jabbaz)

URUBÚ (Alejandro Ibáñez Nauta).

Creating the PANORAMA section allowed us to broaden our choices and we were really happy about it. Naturally, we’re bringing it back and we have a great selection of 6 movies that the . . . not so hardcore horror fans could enjoy.

EMBOSCADA (René Herrera)


GLASSHOUSE (Kelsey Egan)


MUERTO CON GLORIA (Mauro Sarser & Marcela Matta)

NIKOLINA (Nuria Muñoz & Eva Libertad)

Finally, we could not pass on the chance of having a Lloyd Kaufman movie in our lineup, and SHAKESPEARE’S SHITSTORM was the best choice for a special screening.

Horrorant International Film Festival is ready to welcome every movie lover who wants to spend these 11 days packed with exciting movies. See you in Athens!

A nightmare was never so exciting!



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