8 Best College Campus Horror Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

July 29, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

There are many types of settings loved by horror film lovers, and the college campus setting is one of those. College students don’t know how to get themselves out of trouble, probably due to their newfound freedom. In too many movies, young college students wander into a cannibal-ridden forest, haunted houses, abandoned asylums, and so on. Even those that stay on campus and focus on an essay helper from an essay writing service to get their essays done still don’t guarantee their safety. There are usually issues with parties going wrong and dangerous figures hiding behind the shadows. If you’re a lover of college campus horror, these are some movies you should look to watch.



1. Kristy
Justine stays on campus alone due to her financial struggles when everything traveled for thanksgiving. Even with her financial issues, she helps a girl at the local convenience store pay for what she purchased and finds herself in trouble afterward.


She becomes targeted by a cybercult seeking to kill kind and pure women who follow God, and Kristy fits the bill. She has to outsmart or outrun these cultists to save her life. Her friends are away, and the security guard is dead. Kristy is left alone to save her life.


2. Happy Death Day
Shitty characters in college horror movies almost always die. So if you’re seeking a campus movie where jerks get the comeuppance of death, then you should watch this one. Happy death day is interesting because you have to watch this character, Tree, die repeatedly till you start rooting for her. The tree struggles to discover why she has been dying over and reliving the same day in wild ways.


3. Urban Legend
This attention-grabbing movie leans into the horrible tales of campfires you must have heard. The genuineness of the characters’ college kids' personalities make this movie more enjoyable. These kids are lovable, and you would struggle to watch them die. You’ll probably find yourself crying at each death, feeling it in your body as their throats are slashed and their blood spill. The glory comes in the end when they survive their killer after a face-off.


4. Black Christmas
This is one of the best movies in this genre and became the epitome of college horror movies as its popularity grew. These sorority sisters are different from what you typically encounter in college movies. Although the setting in the college is different from what you have now, these sisters are typical of the different types of students you’ll find in real life. They have achievable dreams with basic desires and wants. The man in the attic is the only problem they have, and this man is ready to snatch their dreams from them – or rather, take them from their dreams.


5. Pieces
This horror movie is set on a campus in Boston where tennis-loving students are getting hacked. Filmed in Spain, this movie carries an aura of European exploitation flare. It also shows a willingness by the makers to go a little lower than other horror movies of its era dares. This movie is an intentionally slightly hilarious romp, but it’s a cult classic and deserves its place on the top college horror movies list.


6. Burn Witch Burn
A psychology professor at a local university, Norman Taylor, is too logical to believe in superstitions, hocus pocus, or religion. It can’t be real if it can’t be explained. Then he finds that his wife is already practicing a form of witchcraft, which gets him angry, and he forces her to burn the ‘magical nonsense.’


The tragedy started stalking Norman around the campus before the embers cool. He’s accused of rape, his life is threatened, and his skepticism finally starts to give way. This atmospheric, moody thriller would carry you through a gloomy evening.


7. Night of the Creeps
This is a sci-fi horror comedy with a global cult following. This movie opens with a college student getting possessed by an extraterrestrial slug after seeing its date get attacked by an escaping mental patient. Two college freshers couple unwittingly releases this slug-boy gets unwittingly during their initiation. This unleashes the terror of aliens, zombies, and murders, leaving everyone confused by what’s going on.


8. The Addiction
This is a classic vampire horror movie. Kathleen meets a mysterious woman, Casanova, one night who takes a big bite from Kathleen’s neck and disappears into the night. This changes Kathleen completely. She started getting sensitive to sunlight and lost interest in normal foods. Her shy and introverted nature died off as her confidence grew into who she has now become.


This movie takes a different approach from normal vampire movies and sometimes has some parallels with drug addiction, as the title suggests.


These movies are a collection of some of the best college horror movies you probably didn’t know about. Like writers at paper writing service, I’ve done the hard work of researching and compiling them for your viewing pleasure.

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