Product Review: The Latest From COPPERTIST.WU!

September 12, 2022

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

A while ago I had the privilege of checking out some interesting products inspired by nature from COPPERTIST.WU, a jewelry company that makes unique accessories and items. Again I have to give a big thanks to Coppertist.Wu for coming back to show some more of the unique items they have in their store now along with more products hitting their shelves.


First up is the Brass Viper Bottle Opener, you read that right! This danger noodle wants to not only be your drinking buddy but a unique addition to your bar or centerpiece of a party with striking details that will make others do a triple take thinking your party just got crashed while in reality, they’re here to spread joy! This little dude is also hefty enough that if you don’t want to use it to open bottles, you can give it a job holding papers on your table, or be put on display, either way, this viper will draw attention!





Need a Brooch? Like badass predatory insects? You’re in luck with the Brass Praying Mantis Pin/Brooch. The uses for this item are only limited by your imagination but whatever you use it for it will definitely make you stand out however you wear it may it be on your handbag, hat, cape, backpack, or holding your keys! Either way, this little guy will be useful as well as gorgeous!



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