How Did the Film ‘Lanier’ Attract Casino Lovers?

October 6, 2022

Written by Ella Rebecca Horton

Ella Rebecca has been in love with the horror genre since an early age. The Bride of Frankenstein began her love of the classics and she's been writing and collecting since.

As the 21st century began, the gambling industry significantly increased in size. More people started participating in online gambling at new online casinos; new table games were also introduced into the market. The global online gambling market was estimated to be $60 billion in 2021. Many movies about gambling have been made because of the belief that the gambling industry will grow by 12% annually. Gamers and the gambling industry are popular subjects for films because they provide a lot of excitement and suspense. Audiences enjoy these films because they wish they could be big gamblers— which is possible in cinema— and because high stakes are incorporated into what they watch. Indeed, you can still have some fun online with the no id verification withdrawal casino or whatever you fancy. However, even if online casinos offer entertainment and a lot more bonuses, they are rarely the focal points of films and other mediums. Thus, the majority of films will focus on land-based options. Nevertheless, today’s discussion will focus on a relatively new project, the Lanier film.


The former combines several genres and follows “Ozark’s” footsteps. It also attracted many casino lovers, even in a rather unconventional and unique way. So what’s the story behind the film, and how does the former connect to gambling? We will answer this question today.


The World of Movies and Gambling


Funny enough, movies often depict card games going wrong. This can be entertaining to people because they enjoy the idea of a casino heist in films. Other people may enjoy seeing card games depicted in movies because they want to live out their dream of being professional gamblers. No matter the reason, everyone has dreamed of living the life of an avid gambler—and movies help them do this. Movies about gambling typically focus on the lives of elite players. Instead of regular bookies or someone playing at home in a mediocre way, these movies usually depict people involved in high-stakes gambling. There are many great reasons to visit a casino; some people never leave. The casino has many fantastic features, including gorgeous bars and beautiful buffets. Consequently, some people choose to spend their time at the casino instead of visiting other sites. However, online casinos can also prove to be fun. They offer more bonuses and exciting promotions than their land-based variations. You can easily win big with deposit 5 get 100 free spins promotion and earn much more than you would in Las Vegas. With that said, many might still note that online casinos are much more suitable for
making money and not having fun. That is why films like Lanier prefer real venues.


Why Film About Casinos?


Some people who have never gambled may begin while at the casino. This can lead them to find a new hobby or get lucky by playing at the casino. Casinos provide many reasons to stay at their accommodation. Their rooms are always close to the action, safe, secure, and cheaper than other nearby hotels. Plus, casinos are open for extended hours throughout the day, making them an attraction on their own. This is a great reason to stay at a casino while on vacation and visiting a different location. Staying at a casino in a city with a strong emphasis on its casinos provides tourists with the safest and most secure experience. These locations have round-the-
clock security cameras and personnel monitoring the premises in a protected area. They’re also great places to visit because they offer the best overall experience for tourists and visitors. In a casino, people don’t have to worry about safety because locations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas casinos are very secure. Because of this, it’s challenging to perform questionable activities in a casino. Consequently, people feel safe staying in locations close to the center of a city— such as casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.


The Story Behind Lanier


The Lanier film discovers an already well-known story. However, we will have to dig deeper than expected to understand its actual connection with casinos. So please bear with us while we uncover all the secrets of the gambling industry and the infamous lake. So the story began almost a century ago. In the 1950s, night riders overran Oscarville — a town inhabited by approximately 1,100 people — and attacked Black people in their homes. Riders shot bullets into the walls of Black families’ homes and killed their livestock. Additionally, three men were charged with raping and murdering an 18-year-old woman in 1912 among the town’s inhabitants. Lake Lanier was formed as a result of this attack. Its name is derived from the lake formed by this action, caused by riders attacking Oscarville due to horror elements and history.


The events that occurred in Chatham County, Georgia, in 1871. During that time, black residents of the county were forced to leave. This is extensively discussed in Patrick Phillips’ book “Blood at the Root.” No similar events have been held near Lake Lanier, and no Oscars have been held there. Movies based on real-life danger— such as knowing an intruder had entered your home when you thought they were outside — are the most frightening. Lake Lanier is also home to a dark past beneath its surface. Cindy Kunz-Anderson believes Lake Lanier’s inciting incident was caused by spirits looking for revenge against crimes committed against Oscarville. She claims that many injuries, disappearances, and deaths have been connected to the lake.


Paranormal Activity and Reality of Lanier


According to legend, the lake is haunted by spirits because people believe they changed the lake’s properties. Divers claim to have seen entire roads, houses, and streets intact at the bottom of the lake— as if their towns hadn’t moved. This is because families continued living in the same places even after their cities were relocated. When the Army Corps of Engineers created Lake Lanier, they intended it to be a source of raw materials. However, the Corps decided to use the lake for recreational purposes instead. As a result, Lake Lanier contains
debris, such as concrete buildings and cars, in its deepest regions. The Corps of Engineers assured lake visitors that these materials wouldn’t interfere with any activities. The US Army Corps of Engineers claims that Lake Lanier is safe to use despite boats inexplicably catching on fire there. The drying out lake poses a significant safety hazard, and added detritus makes the pile even more powerful. Many strange incidents have occurred at Lake Lanier; this adds to the pile of detritus already present. Claims say that the most dangerous underwater surface in America is present at Lake Lanier. There have been roughly 500 boating and swimming accidents caused by Lake Mead’s exposed bottom. When the lake has little water because of a drought, its bottom can be seen— which can be fatal for swimmers and sailors. Supposedly, jetsam from boats, cars, and even
bodies have been found on the lake’s surface after a low water level. Consequently, the lake has been dredged to continue the search.


Hoax and More


Lake Sidney Lanier was created to serve multiple purposes. It was intended to provide Atlanta with a water supply and a source of hydroelectric power. However, the Chattahoochee River often caused flooding in nearby towns. Congress passed the 1946 River and Harbors Act to solve this problem, which granted $45 million for construction. This act allowed engineers to develop a plan to prevent flooding in surrounding towns. Lake Lanier is an artificial lake 40 miles northeast of Atlanta. It was formed by a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers and Buford Dam. Lake Lanier took 56% of its construction and design budget, and the US federal government acquired 50,000 acres of farmland during its creation. America formed Lake Lanier to increase its water supply. Lake Lanier displaced more than 700 families from their land— some sources say it displaced over 2,500 families. It forced people to move out of 20 cemeteries, churches, and businesses located on the land.


Lake Lanier is named after Sidney Lanier, a veteran poet, and musician. Some believed up to 20 burial grounds were buried beneath the bottom of Lake Lanier. This belief was what some people used as an argument against the lake, stating it was a waste of taxpayers’ money. However, others believed Lake Lanier would be a famous Atlanta area lake for recreation. An entire town named Peyser was submerged underwater in Lake Peyser.


Gambling and Lanier’s Main Locations and Connections


However, the popularity of casinos is more connected not with the Lanier film but with another trendy project. The Netflix TV show “Ozark” stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as Marty and Wendy Byrde. It was released in January and April 2019, with seven action-packed episodes. The show’s popularity is attributed to its basis on the Byrde family, who lived in the Missouri Ozarks. The Byrdes moved from Chicago to avoid problems that could’ve threatened their lives. They began laundering money for a drug cartel in order to survive. Talks about the Missouri Belle Riverboat Casino can be found on several websites, including American Entertainment
and Looper.


This subject relates to the final two seasons of the show “Ozark” and the Byrde family’s efforts to support the cartel while avoiding legal trouble. The names of Marty and Wendy Byrde are mentioned in conjunction with a problematic release date that they had to endure. This is because they made investments that would support the cartel, which helped them deal with intense situations. The Missouri Belle Riverboat Casino is located outside Missouri— its name leads people to believe it’s in the state.


Gambling Movies and Their High Ranking Among Stars and Fans


Hollywood movies starring famous actors provide great entertainment and are popular among many people. They also offer additional entertainment from casino slot machines. Films like Ocean’s Eleven, Casino, and Rounders involve danger; they portray casino visitors as dangerous and willing to play big with large sums of money. These films suggest that dishonest gamblers use cheats to win cash in these movies. Consequently, many films related to gambling focus on high-stakes gamblers. By hiring top actors and actresses, film producers encourage viewers to interact with the dramatic plots they develop around casino gambling. Doing so
allows them to appeal to moviegoers who enjoy seeing portrayals of cheaters and gamblers in the casino. Because there are no real-life risks involved in gambling, however, this approach is quite risky. Gambling at a casino is dangerous; this is likely the reason films add excitement and danger to their stories. Now that people can gamble from the comfort of their own homes, the appeal of risk isn’t necessary.


Lessons Learned


Movies with high-stakes wagers can lead watchers to desire to gamble. These films usually portray rich people in interesting games, encouraging watchers to wager more. Alternatively, it’s uncommon to see movies about regular casino goers. Instead, these films typically focus on characters who lead extravagant lives. Actors portraying these roles are often shown with access to great luxuries and spending much money. The implication is that these actors have knowledge and techniques that can be used to win at a casino. However, many of the movies’ claims have been proven false. Nonetheless, watching these movies can still be educational. Movies about gambling can teach viewers about strategies and tactics. They can also help people make better choices when gambling. Some believe these films can even cause people to think that specific tricks will help them win in the long term.


In the past, casino-related films were made without considering security measures to prevent fraud. There are still films being made that trick moviegoers into believing they can win in a casino. These films frequently show large jackpots and dramatic experiences, which encourages other viewers to consider their dreams can come true. Producers now take precautions when making films to prevent similar cons; however, some people are still able to convince others of false claims. Poker players continue to play in hopes of making a sudden fortune. Seeing characters in movies suddenly become overnight millionaires without doing anything motivates people to keep playing. This would dramatically improve someone’s lifestyle
if it were actually to happen in real life.


A Cautionary Tale


The Lanier film and similar projects hardly focus on actual casinos. However, they still play a part in making gambling even more popular than it is nowadays. Thus, many producers and directors often caution their fans against getting into gambling if they have mental issues. After all, visiting a casino is likely to lead to playing, and some will enjoy it more than others. Some believe gambling occurs more frequently than thought. However, it is still a problem for some people. Efforts like increased knowledge about gambling and responsible gambling programs have helped reduce the issue. Certain movies that take place in casinos showcase problem
gamblers in order to educate viewers about the risks. You can gain insight into the world of casinos by watching movies and television shows about gambling. This can help you become more aware of issues related to gambling addiction. Additionally, it can encourage you to be careful when dealing with money, keep better track of your finances and view gambling as a form of entertainment instead of a primary source of income. Most importantly, gamblers should never bet more than they can afford to lose. Watching gambling movies can teach viewers about the look and actions of high rollers. These films show gamblers making big wagers; however, these people often end up with more debt than they can afford. People can learn about different casino games such as poker, roulette, and baccarat by watching these movies. They can also learn a lot about predicting these
games’ outcomes. By allowing people to feel like they’re present in the middle of the action, movies like these enable viewers to imagine what it would be like to gamble. This allows them to consider outcomes of slot machines or blackjack in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Because of this, non-viewers can’t experience the action in movies like these.

Movies To Watch and Relax After Lanier


This film is known for its tension. There is every chance that you would like to unwind after watching the movie. It is full of horror and anxiety. Thus, we have made a small list of movies that will still attract you to casinos but will be a little more relaxing and entertaining. We recommend watching them right after Lanier. The film 21 is loosely based on real-life events. It was inspired by a group of students at MIT who were taught by a strange teacher named Mick Rosa. Played by Kevin Spacey in the movie, Rosa taught students with dreams of becoming medical doctors. However, they could not attend Harvard Medical School due to the lack of resources. The movie's title comes from the number of students involved in the story: six. One of these students — Ben Campbell — was chosen to be the main character in the movie version of this story. Ben thought joining a card-counting team would make his dreams a reality. However, he was concerned that selfish and unscrupulous members would interfere with his plan.


Casino Royale

James Bond is the star of one of the most popular movies centered around gambling. In Casino Royale, he was tasked with taking down Mads Mikkelsen’s Le Chiffre, an infamous financier of terrorist groups. MI6 contacted Le Chiffre to confront him at the poker table. Many consider Casino Royale to be one of the best films in the Bond movie franchise. The movie earned an IMDB rating of 8. Many filmgoers love it, thanks to its incredible displays of bluffing and deconstructing Le Chiffre’s criminal organization.


Mississippi Grind

The movie’s name comes from the fact that the main characters’ adventures took place along the Mississippi river. The plot centers on two people traveling to different states in the US in order to gamble. One goal was to participate in a high-stakes poker tournament in New Orleans. Although Anna Boden and Ryan Flick wrote the film, it was released in 2015. The film focuses on gambling and poker with entertaining betting elements. It starts in a dramatic tone at one of America’s most famous locations. The film follows the ups and downs of two leading gamblers, Curtis and Jerry. Curtis Reynolds convinced his friend Jerry to join him on a South American trip
to start a new business after they had recently struggled financially.


Bottom Line

The Lanier film is a genuinely fascinating project, even if the former doesn’t necessarily strike viewers as a traditional action-packed thriller about gambling and poker. However, the connection between mysteries and gambling is still there. At least, the relationship was enough for tourists worldwide to visit the boat casino that became famous through television and films. Due to constant work from game developers and casino creators, various games and gambling options exist worldwide. These professionals regularly improve their products in order to serve players better; some games can only be played in specific countries. Gaming has evolved
dramatically since its early days.


Casinos provide entertainment for a rapidly growing industry. Many people enjoy playing games with beautiful graphics at home or at work— even though movies centered around casino settings have been very lucrative for their producers. In addition to slot machines, poker and card games can typically be found in most casinos. Gambling movies have been created due to inspiration from popular gambling trends. Having many options available encourages people to play, although it’s hard to understand why people would watch these movies. You can discover the reason why people enjoy these movies by examining the reason why they were made. Plus,
many people have watched at least one of the films we discussed if not Lanier itself.

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