Director Vincenzo Natali to Release Debut Sci-Fi Horror Comic, TECH!

May 4, 2023

Written by Via Laurene

Via Laurene is a freelance writer and horror enthusiast. She loves horror in all types of media, be it film, books, comics, or gaming. Dark fantasy films of the 80s and 90s were her gateway into the genre. As a kid, she'd walk down the horror movie aisle of her local video store and make up stories based on the horror covers. She also writes horror fiction and poetry. Her debut poetry chapbook, "Leaving the Skin," was published in 2018. Her favorite horror film is The Howling (1981).

BIG, EXCITING NEWS for horror film and comic book lovers alike!


Director Vincenzo Natali is releasing his FIRST EVER graphic novel, TECH. Natali has been a name in sci-fi horror cinema for a while now, directing films including Splice(2009), ABCs of Death 2’s segment ‘U is for Utopia(2014),’ Netflix’s In the Tall Grass(2019), and his sleeper hit Cube(1997). He has also directed episodes for The Peripheral(2002), Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities(2022), The Stand(2021), Locke & Key(2020), Westworld(2016-2018), American Gods(2017), The Strain(2015-2016), Hannibal(2014-2015), Orphan Black(2015), and Hemlock Grove(2014).


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Now he is joining forces with Encyclopocalypse Publications to bring us a new story in a new medium. TECH is set in the not-so-distant future where humans have discovered how to use alien technology, but of course that still doesn’t come cheap. Readers will follow a courier named Shel who delivers this tech to buyers on the black market. It’s a dangerous job, but it’s necessary to help her afford her daughter’s medical treatment. However, Shel will discover that this alien tech may solve more of her and her daughter’s problems than just money. What lengths would you be willing to go for a chance at using alien technology?


Natali said he chose Encyclopocalypse Publications because they “understand the inherent value of genre and are connoisseurs of its strangest and darkest corners, which is where I thrive.” Creating a comic has been a long-time dream of Natali’s and he “reveled in the freedom of a form unrestricted by time, money, and the machinery of Hollywood.” So it sounds like fans of Natali’s work can look forward to experiencing a story where he unleashes his complete creative vision.


TECH will release on September 22nd, 2023. Don’t miss it! If you’d like to pre-order from Encyclopocalypse Publications themselves, you can do so at

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