Trailer for Werewolf Movie ‘Blackout’ Teases A Hair-Raising Film

Blackout movie

February 20, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Indie filmmaker Larry Fessenden (Stakeland, Depraved) returns to the realm of creature features with his latest chilling vision, Blackout. This modern-day werewolf horror promises to be a fresh take on the classic monster. It will explore themes of inner demons and the blurred lines between humans and beasts.

Unleashing the Beast Within:

Blackout centers on Charley (Alex Hurt). He is a tortured artist haunted by fragmented memories of gruesome acts committed under the full moon. As suspicion gnaws at him, Charley’s drinking intensifies. It fuels his fear that he might be a werewolf terrorizing his small town.

This marks the third installment in Fessenden’s unofficial “Monsterverse.” Blackout follows his vampire film Habit and his Frankenstein-inspired movie Depraved. True to his signature style, Fessenden delves into the psychological depths of the monster, blurring the lines between human and creature.

A Stellar Cast and Familiar Collaborators:

The ensemble cast includes Addison Timlin, James LeGros, Kevin Corrigan, Barbara Crampton, and Joe Swanberg. Fessenden is joined by long-time collaborator James Felix McKenney and indie veteran Chris Ingvordsen, who produce. Gaby Leyner co-produces.

Release Details and Fessenden’s Excitement:

Fessenden states, “I am interested in finding new truths in the classic monster tropes of my youth. The essence of each creature dictates the milieu of the film, and of course, the werewolf is both out of control and regretful, so that duality shaped my story. I am excited to work with Yellow Veil again, they understand my filmmaking and have been fierce advocates.”

Blackout will premiere with a week-long theatrical run at the IFC Center in New York City starting March 13th, 2024. This exclusive engagement will feature special cast appearances and a Q&A. Blackout will debut on Digital and VOD platforms on April 12th, 2024.

With its intriguing premise, talented cast, and Fessenden’s acclaimed vision, Blackout promises to be a hair-raising film for fans of both classic monster movies and contemporary horror with depth.

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