All of Us Strangers: A Haunting LBGTQ+ Film Now on Hulu

All of us strangers

February 29, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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When grief takes hold, it often leaves a lingering emptiness, haunted not just by the absence but by the unspoken words and unfulfilled moments. All of Us Strangers, a poignant paranormal thriller directed by Andrew Haigh, delves into this reality, offering a unique spin on the ghost story genre.

A Ghostly Encounter

The film follows Adam (Andrew Scott). He is a screenwriter living a solitary existence in London. A sudden trip to his childhood home leads him to a surreal encounter. The ghosts of his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell) appear. They are frozen in time as if on the day they died in an accident when he was still a boy. This unexpected reunion sets the stage for a series of visits and conversations, forcing Adam to confront the loneliness of his present while grappling with the ghosts of his past.

A Chance for Closure and Acceptance

One of the film’s most compelling aspects lies in Adam’s opportunity to come out to his parents, a conversation he never had the chance to have before their tragic passing. These interactions, however, come with a layer of bittersweet complexity. Their responses are filtered through the lens of the 1980s, the decade they were stuck in, highlighting the lost time and the missed opportunities for connection.

Beyond the Paranormal: A Grounded Story of Love and Loss

While the paranormal element serves as a catalyst for emotional exploration, the film also features a grounded love story between Adam and his neighbor, Harry (Paul Mescal). Their contrasting personalities and intimate moments provide a sense of sensuality and normalcy amidst the surreal encounters with Adam’s parents.

A Universal Tale of Healing and Moving Forward

All of Us Strangers transcends the boundaries of genre. The film’s core message resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced loss and the yearning for closure. It is ultimately a story about the power of honesty, forgiveness, and the journey towards emotional healing.

Experience a haunting, emotional LBGTQ+-driven tale of All of Us Strangers. Watch it now on Hulu from Searchlight Pictures.

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