Vudu’s 15-Film Godzilla Collection Is Available Now!


February 29, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Are you looking to catch up on the classic era of the Godzilla franchise? Starting today, the 15-film GodzillaThe Showa-Era collection is available now on Vudu! So pop some popcorn and get ready to watch the King of Monsters in action!

In 1954, cinematic history was forever altered as a colossal beast emerged from the depths, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. This was Godzilla‘s awe-inspiring debut, a film that sparked an entire genre of monster movies (kaiju eiga). For two thrilling decades, the King of the Monsters has dominated the screen. It features fourteen unforgettable sequels. Witness his evolution from a symbol of nuclear terror to a defender of Earth. Watch as he battles a fantastical array of monstrous foes. Now, for the first time, experience the complete Showa-era collection – a testament to the brilliant special effects, imaginative storytelling, and enduring global influence of this cinematic titan.

The Showa-Era collection includes:

Additionally, Fandango offers a list of all Godzilla movies in order of their release date for new and old fans alike to delve further into the franchise. You can check out the Showa-Era collection HERE on Vudu.

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