Movie Review: No Way Up a Survival Thriller You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

No Way Up

March 3, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The new survival thriller No Way Up has just been unleashed on VOD. So, let’s talk about it. No Way Up is directed by Claudio Fäh. In the movie, the journey of a group of passengers on a flight to an exotic location takes a horrifying turn when disaster strikes mid-flight, sending the aircraft plummeting into the unforgiving Pacific Ocean. Amidst the wreckage, a handful of passengers find themselves clinging to hope in the plane’s galley, the only remaining air pocket of the plane. As the immense pressure of the deep intensifies, panic consumes the survivors. With dwindling oxygen, the threat of flooding, and sharks circling in the darkness, hope seems to dwindle with each passing second.

An Indie Film

Before we delve too deep into the film, you need to understand that it is an indie film, which makes the quality of Now Way Up even more impressive. Also, at this point, I should probably tell you that the film may have hit me hard because I am terrified of planes/flying, and I’m claustrophobic. But let’s continue.

As for the story, it is gripping, emotional, and intense, everything a survival thriller should be. You become attached to the characters as you watch them panic and eventually decide to fight for their lives.

The Cast 

The movie is led by Sophie McIntosh’s character, Ava, a young woman struggling to find her place in life while living in her father’s shadow. She is timid and unsure of herself. There is a moment in the film, and while there is no dialogue in the scene, it’s obvious it’s the pivotal moment where she finds her strength. It was brilliantly done. It’s subtle but powerful at the same time.

The cast includes Will Attenborough, Jeremias Amoore, Manuel Pacific, Phyllis Logan, and Colm Meaney. Young actress Grace Nettle acted beyond her years, giving a stellar performance at just the age of 11.

The Verdict

With the film being an indie, I was concerned with the potential for the heavy special effects to end up being terrible. Let’s be honest: how many times have you seen dreadful CGI sharks in a movie? Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The special effects, sharks, plane, and water all look absolutely fantastic. Mark me impressed. I guess it’s not much of a surprise that the sharks look great. After all, No Way Up is from the team behind 47 Meters Down, the 2017 hit shark movie.

My final Verdict? No Way Up is entertaining, gripping, emotional, and well done. It will have you on the edge of your seat and cheering for your favorite characters. It’s most definitely worth watching. You can buy or rent it now on Prime Video, Apple TV, VUDU, and YouTube from RLJE Films.

I sat down with the film’s producer, Annalice Davis. Watch the interview as we discuss the movie, the challenges, and more. My nosey cats Ripley and Sabrina even make an appearance, it’s good for a giggle.

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