Something Stalks the Tracks in the Clip From “Evil” Season 4 Episode 7

Evil Ep 7 season 4

July 3, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready for another spine-tingling episode of “Evil” this Thursday, July 4th on Paramount+! Episode seven, “How to Bandage a Wound,” promises to deliver fresh scares and delve deeper into the ongoing battle between good and evil.

This week, David and Ben join forces with a train engineer plagued by a terrifying presence on the tracks. Is it a figment of his imagination, or is an evil entity indeed targeting him? The duo must navigate the supernatural while Kristen faces her own challenges, caring for a struggling family member.

Meanwhile, gaps in Ben’s memory surface, throwing his world into disarray. These unsettling discoveries cast doubt on his reality and threaten to strain his relationship with Renee. Will Ben be able to piece together the missing fragments and confront the darkness within?

As the fourth season of “Evil” continues to unfold, Kristen, David, and Ben continue to tackle perplexing cases. From demonic possession to technological nightmares, the team confronts a variety of unsettling phenomena. The enigmatic villain Leland remains a constant threat, maneuvering to fulfill his sinister agenda.

The pressure is on with the team facing disbandment due to funding cuts. Kristen, David, and Ben have a limited window to unravel the mysteries surrounding them and confront the true force behind the growing evil. Will they manage to expose the truth before it’s too late?

Don’t miss “How to Bandage a Wound,” premiering on Paramount+ this Thursday, July 4th! Want more? Be sure to check out our season four Q&A with the main cast!



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