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Hunting Grounds is Coming to DVD

Back in January, did an interview with John Poranova about his new Sasquatch film Hunting Grounds.  This interview revealed many details about the director and his film, but mostly, it made us all at very excited for this movie! With that excitement still very alive, Uncork’d Entertainment has revealed that the Hunting Grounds […]

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Critical Thinking

Actress and well known horror star, Caroline Williams tweeted an article this morning that dovetailed with several previous Cynema posts. Director Brett Ratner called out the dangers of aggregate film score sites like Rotten Tomatoes or the similar Metacritic in an article that devolves into a promo for his upcoming films. You can read it […]

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Wolf Creek TV Series Coming to DVD

  In 2005 Greg McLean brought the movie Wolf Creek into the world of horror.  This terrifying film spawned a sequel and now a TV series. The 6-episode mini-series stars Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek 2, Django) and Dustin Clare (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena). Based on the iconic cult movie franchise, […]

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The Acclaimed Thriller ‘The Shelter’ Arrives On DVD This January

  Writer-director-producer John Fallon’s thriller ‘The Shelter’ will arrive on DVD this January. The film stars Michael Paré (Abattoir, Village of the Damned, Eddie and the Cruisers I & II) as a broken and homeless man who has chosen the wrong place to rest. The role is one of Parè’s most acclaimed performances in recent times.   […]

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Jess Franco’s Cult Film, MARQUISE DE SADE, To Get Restored And Remastered DVD Release

Jesus “Jess” Franco was considered one of the most dangerous filmmakers of the 70’s by the Catholic Church, and directed over 200 films (feature length and shorts) in his career. Now one of his cult classics is finally making its way to DVD. Full Moon Entertainment are giving Marquise de Sade (aka The Portrait of […]

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