The Soska Sisters’ New Movie ‘Vendetta’

May 5, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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vendetta 2

The beautiful and brilliant Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia, are back with a new film titled ‘Vendetta’, written by Justin Shady. The Soska Sisters are writers, directors, producers and actresses. They have had a lot of success in the entertainment business. ‘American Mary’ and ‘See No Evil 2’ are just two of the movies by the sisters. They are also working on another project titled ‘Painkiller Jane’.

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Vendetta is an action thriller that follows the story of a detective Mason (Dean Cain) who will stop at nothing to get revenge against the man who murdered his wife . The killer is caught and put in prison, but for Mason that’s not enough. Mason has a plan, to get himself arrested so that he can carry out his revenge behind bars. While inside, Mason discovers a new criminal enterprise at work.

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‘Vendetta’ has a great cast, including ‘Helix’ actress Kyra Zagorsky, as well as Michael Eklund (The Call), Matthew MacCaull (Black Fly), Ben Hollingsworth (Joy Ride 3), Paul Wight aka “The Big Show” and Adrian Holmes, who had a role in 2012’s ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ and you may recognize Dean Cain from his role as Superman (Lois and Clark).

dean c

‘Vendetta’ will be in theaters and on VOD on June 12th.

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