The Creators Of ‘Some Kind of Hate’ Promise To Give Us A New Female Version Of Freddy

May 6, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Adam Egypt Morter has a new slasher titled ‘Some Kind of Hate’ and it’s star, Moira, promises to give the men of horror a run for their money. That’s right,  Moira is female villain/killer that aims to enter the ranks of Jason, Freddy and Michael. Moira, played by Sierra McCormick, doesn’t kill randomly she’s out for revenge. Mortimer and Brian DeLeeuw co-rote ‘Some Kind of Hate’. Mortimer and Deleeuw drew inspiration for their killer from the horror greats and wants to make it clear to viewers that Moira is not a ghost.

“I think people have the tendency to call her a ghost because she’s a girl and not a 7-foot-tall guy.”

In ‘Some Kind of Hate’ a teenage boy, played by Ronen Rubinstein, seeks Moira’s help to deal with the guys that are bullying him in school. Moira rises to the occasion and sympathizes with the kid, she committed suicide after being bullied herself, but don’t mistake Moira as weak, she’s vicious and she likes to play with her blades.

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You might recognize Sierra McCormick, who plays Moira, from ‘Land of the Lost’ and ‘Romona and Beezus’. Grace Phipps (Fright Night), Spencer Breslin (The Happening) and ‘Zombevers’ actress Lexi Atkins also star in this slasher.

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‘Some Kind of Hate’ will be out some time later this year.


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