Movie Review: ‘Burying The Ex’ (2015)

September 11, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Last night I watched Joe Dante’s new zombie flick ‘Burying the Ex’. It was exactly what I was expecting, funny, slightly gory and great.

burying the ex 2

‘Burying the Ex’ stars Anton Yelchin as Max. Max wants out of his relationship with Evelyn (Ashley Greene) who is over barring, bossy, jealous, high maintenance and condescending about Max’s dream of owning his own horror shop and Travis, his half brother. After she moves in and destroys Max’s mint condition horror poster collection during a surprise redecorating of the apartment, he realizes that it’s not going to work out, and who could blame him. He tells Evelyn to meet him at the park so he can end things, but when she arrives she is struck by a truck and killed. You would think that would be the end of it, but you would be wrong. Time passes and he’s falling for Olivia (Alexandra Daddario), but things get complicated when Evelyn returns from the dead, as a zombie. When Max’s half brother Travis (Oliver Cooper) has a plan, to put Evelyn back in the grave, permanently, but things don’t exactly go as planned.

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‘Burying the Ex’ was a great watch. It was nice to see a zombie that could move and think like the person they were, but still be the rotting, hungry creature that we love. The cast did a great job, especially Ashley Greene (Evelyn), she made a great zombie. There’s not really anything negative that I can say about ‘Burying the Ex’. It puts a fun spin on the often overdone zombie genre. I recommend that you check it out, it’s now out on DVD and is currently on Netflix Streaming.

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