Movie Review: Last Shift (2014)

November 17, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

Kelli Marchman McNeely is the owner of She is an Executive Producer of "13 Slays Till Christmas" which is out on Digital and DVD and now streaming on Tubi. She has several other films in the works. Kelli is an animal lover and a true horror addict since the age of 9 when she saw Friday the 13th. Email:

A rookie cop’s first shift happens to be on the last night of operation of the old police department. Officer Jessica Loren (Juliana Harkavy) is all alone, or is she? Her first shift is about to turn into a nightmare. When a 911 call comes in from a girl being held captive, the officer is unaware that the voice on the other line is much more than that of a woman in need. The Officer’s shift is filled with horrifying sites and visitations from those who passed. The question is, will she make it out alive?




Director Anthony DiBlasi also wrote the film along with Scott Poiley and did a fantastic job. It’s creepy and leaves you guessing and questioning what actually happened.


Juliana Harkavy really got into her role as Officer Loren, who is trying to be brave but comes across as somewhat delicate and terrified.


The film is fast-paced, and the back story ties everything together nicely. As for the special effects, I was impressed. They were simple yet very effective.


Joshua Mikel (Terminator Genisys) plays the role of cult leader John Michael Paymon.  J. LaRose, Natalie Victoria, Sarah Sculco, and Kathryn Kilger also co-star in this twisted supernatural tale.


Films like ‘Last Shift’ prove that making a quality horror film without a huge budget is possible. I truly hope that we will see more horror films from DiBlasi in the future.


So, should you watch ‘Last Shift’? Yes, absolutely, you should see it sooner rather than later! Lucky for you, it’s now available on Netflix from Magnet Releasing.


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