An Indie Film Takes Advertising Ploy Too Far

November 21, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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There are endless ways to draw attention to an Indie film, however there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. One film, ‘Wolf Mother’, in my opinion, has gone to far.

wolf mother

It’s rare that I ever call anyone out, but when I heard about the way the advertising team behind ‘Wolf Mother’ are trying to draw interest to the film, I thought something needed to be said. The film’s advertising gimmick, fake Amber Alerts. The disappearance or kidnapping of a child should NEVER be taken lightly, let alone used as an advertising ploy. It’s not illegal to fake Amber Alerts, but it should be. It’s in bad taste and wrong on so many levels. It draws attention away from real victims and can cause a panic. Not to mention, it’s insensitive. Think of those who are the family or friends of a missing child, because it’s clear that the people behind ‘Wolf Mother’ didn’t.


The child they declare missing is named Kaitlin Miller. The missing child is played by Keagan Baron. Here’s what makes this worse, there was actually a missing girl by the same name, luckily she was found alive, but I wonder if they even took her trauma and her family’s ordeal into account. They are actually trying to trend the missing child alert with posts and tweets like the one below, using hashtags like #PleaseFindKaitlinMiller and #KaitlynMiller.

photocat alert

Fake Alert


‘Wolf Mother’ was directed by Erik Peter Carlson and stars Dave Vescio, Kaegan Baron and Tom Sizemore. The film claims to be based on true events, which makes the use of fake alerts even more heartless.



The Real Missing Kaitlyn Miller


I can’t help but shake my head at this distasteful stunt and the insensitivity of the advertising team. I know there are constantly new movies coming out, which makes it important for your’s to stand out, but at the same time isn’t important to do it tastefully? I may be alone in my outrage, but I doubt it.

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