Supernatural Goes To Hell In The Mid-Season Premiere

January 19, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The long running hit series Supernatural returns Wednesday, January 20th with the second half of season 11. When we last saw Sam, his plan to talk to Lucifer, with the help of Crowley and his mother, had back fired in a big way. Sam is locked in the cage with Lucifer with only two choices, stay or say yes to being Lucifer’s vessel. Dean was off dealing with Amara (The Darkness) and a flock of angels, having no clue how much trouble his little brother is in.

Now, with both the boys are in tough spots, Sam in the cage and Dean heading to hell to come to Sam’s rescue. This time it may take everyone teaming up to pull off the rescue.  No matter what the situation is, I have faith that our boys will find a way to come out on top.




There have been several new teaser trailers released in the past few days, and we just happen to have them here for you to enjoy. Be sure to tune in to The CW on the 20th!


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