Vampire Like Attacks Are Plaguing A Small Town In New Zealand, No Really

February 5, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Reports have been shared by multiple news sources about a series of strange attacks that have taken place in the sea-side town of Napier, New Zealand. According to reports (, Metro, Yahoo News and others) several attacks have taken place on locals by strange visitors from out of town. What makes these events so strange? The victims have been brutally bitten around the neck and face. Oh, and all of the attacks have all taken place at night. Can you say “vampires”?


According to a woman was arrested for attacking and biting a woman in a supermarket parking lot. The victim suffered severe injury to ear after the stranger pierced the ear with her teeth. The same night an altercation took place at Napier’s Thirsty Whale Bar. During a bar fight a crazed woman jumped in the brawl and sunk her teeth in a man’s neck. Her fangs tore open the man’s artery, causing him to have major blood loss and sending him to the hospital. “We’ve never seen these people before.” Stated the owner of the bar.  There was another event the same week, where a a person was bitten during an altercation between two family members.


The local police department is still investigating the biting attacks and looking for a connection. Maybe it’s time to grab some stakes and garlic, you know, just in case.


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