The Darkness Hosting A Live Seance This Friday To Celebrate Theatrical Release

May 5, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Have you ever wanted to witness a seance? To commune with the spirits? Here’s your chance. In celebration of The theatrical premiere of The Darkness, they will be hosting a LIVE digital seance on Friday, May 6th, at 7 pm PT/10 pm ET.

Celebrity medium Mistica Maria Louisa and Britt Griffith of “Ghost Hunters” will be hosting the LIVE event in attempts to contact the spirit world as they reach out to the ancestral Anasazi. Mistica Maria Louisa will also be doing readings from select Facebook fans, while Griffith uses ghost hunting technology to monitor the room.


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From the Pres Release:

Who: Britt Griffith, Maria Luisa, and YOU
WHEN: Friday, May 6, 2016, at 7PM PT/10PM ET


Your Host and Paranormal Investigator Britt Griffith
Britt’s lifelong hobbies is investigating claims of the paranormal, which led him to a friendship with Jason Hawes. In 2008 Jason reached out to Britt and asked if he would like to assist on an important case they had coming up. Britt said yes and now finds himself working all over the world in front of the camera investigating the paranormal. Britt makes appearances at multiple guest events all over the country, where he lectures and leads paranormal investigations. He has also worked on “Ghost Hunters,” “The Food Network Challenge,” “Run This Town,” “RWG,” and can be seen in Two De Force, Chillerama, and Azinda.

Mystic Maria Luisa
There have been many popular TV shows and films about psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, and people with similar gifts. On television there were the fictional “The Ghost Whisperer” and “Medium,” as well as other programs hosted by real-life “seers” (someone who predicts things that will happen in the future), such as John Edward in “Crossing Over” and James Van Praagh (who co­-executive produced “The Ghost Whisperer”) in a shortlived show of his own, “Beyond with James Van Praagh.” Maria Luisa Mispireta is one of the most important “seers” from Latin America, who moved from her native Peru to Los Angeles when she was 15 years old. In her professional practice she has an array of clients, from local residents to celebrities and law enforcement.

The Ancestral Anasazi Tribe
The Anasazi are an ancient people that lived thousands of years ago in the desert canyons in the southwest of North America. According to believers, the Anasazi either had seen aliens, were abducted by them, or were aliens themselves. According to their prophecy, the Blue Star Kachina will be visible to all, and the Day of Purification will be realized. It is said that if they are unable to find uncorrupted men and women, the earth will be completely destroyed, and none will be spared. However, if they are successful in bringing the symbols and finding those who still follow the true Hopi way of life, the world will be created anew, and all the faithful will be saved from destruction. Through the Facebook LIVE event, Maria Luisa and Britt Griffith will be trying to make contact with their spirits.


The Darkness stars Kevin Bacon (Tremors), Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill), Lucy Fry (Vampire Acadamy), David Mazouz (Gotham), Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) and Matt Walsh (Ted). Wolf Creek’s Greg McLean directed and co-wrote The Darkness along with Shayne Armstrong and S.P. Krause. Jason Blum, Bianca Martin and Matt Kaplan serve as producers for the film.


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The film follows a family who has just returned home from a vacation. Michael has brought home a souvenir after ignoring the warnings that it may be haunted by ancient Native American spirits. The entity attached to the sacred object prays on the family’s fears and vulnerabilities, threatening to destroy the family and everything they hold most dear.



The Darkness premieres in theaters on Friday, May 13th. For more on the film The Darkness on Facebook, and on Twitter , along with BHTilt and use the hashtag #FearTheDarkness. 


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