Tony Todd Confirms Final Destination 6 Will Begin Filming Later This Year

May 5, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Tony Todd, the name is synonymous with a deep voice that sends chills down your spine, and brings to mind the role of the hook-handed supernatural killer Candyman. The tall (6′ 6″), imposing man is far from the dark, brutal character he’s most well known for. In fact, he’s a kind, laid-back man who goes above and beyond to show love to his many fans and to help those in need.




Todd took the stage at the Texas Frightmare Weekend for a Q&A. He discussed his time as the character Kurn, on the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He was asked about was his current role as the voice of Zoom, one of villains on  The Flash, as well as his upcoming role as a ghost on the new series Dead of Summer. He also spoke about Frankenstein, and how he thinks the 2015 film didn’t get to attention it deserved.




Todd shared one piece of news during the Q&A that has caught the attention of horror fans. He will be reprising his role as Bludworth, the all-knowing mortician, in a new Final Destination sequel, the sixth film of the franchise. He revealed to the crowd that Final Destination 6 would begin filming in late 2016 or early 2017, depending on scheduling.


final d

final 6


In the Final Destination franchise, known for its creative, gory kill scenes, characters try to cheat death by trying to break the “pattern of death” after nearly dying in freak accidents. In the fifth installment, a group of survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn the hard way that there is no cheating Death.


final 5


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