Demons Rain Destruction On The World In Epic Picture’s Day Of Reckoning

May 6, 2016

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Jackson Hurst (Drop Dead Diva) and Heather Comb (Day of Reckoning) have signed on to star in Epic Pictures’ new supernatural film Day of Reckoning, which began filming this week. Joel Novoa will be directing from the script penned by Gregory Gieras who also wrote Epic’s sci-fi creature feature Big Ass Spider.


collage_photocat reckoning


Hana Hayes (The Grinder), Barbara Crampton (We Are Still Here), Jay Jay Warren (August’s Claim), Raymond Barry (The 100), Nick Gomez (The Walking Dead), and Randy Vasquez (Bosh) star along side Hurst and Comb.

“The film is set in Los Angeles 15 years after the world suffered a horrendous disaster when demon-like-creatures invaded Earth and nearly destroyed mankind. Hurst plays mediocre husband and father David Sheppard, who tries to save his family when the demon creatures return to wreak havoc.”


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