Go Head To Head With Icons Of Horror And Enter To Win Merchandise

June 11, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG


Earlier this Spring we reported that the Man VS Monsters app has been released. As previously reported MVM is a upcoming uncovential reality TV series that will have you choose your own battles against the icons. As of right now the series is not available on the app but will be soon. MVM prides itself on giving the player the ability to not only choose their own battles against monsters from horror to sci-fi but also the ability to choose their own game space and the chance to uncover hidden screens with horror trivia comp codes which could be used to claim free prizes and merchandise during social media giveaways.

News currently surfaced via a press release from LA VIDA LOCA Productions that as an second promotional attempt for the upcoming TV series, a new comp code location has been revealed! LOCA’s press release reads “Find the FUNHOUSE comp code hidden in the Killer Clowns terrifying House of Horror and MESSAGE code to MVM administrator on social media Facebook and Twitter” after doing so you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a limited edition goody bag full of official MVM merchandise! Official merch includes a sinister Funhouse Coffee Mug, MVM poster and a Killer Clown Tank Top.

Man VS Monsters faces contestants against their deepest fears in p!ss-your-pants scared challenges against the OG ICONS OF HORROR, monsters [from the archives of horror, science fiction, and fantasy]. Season one episode one concepts of this “unprecedented” reality-style competition can be previewed now on the app [which is available on iTunes now!]

Here’s what’s in the limited edition goody bags


Winners will be announced July 1st!

Here’s some info I found out about the creator of the game. Jocelyn Marquis, owner of LA VIDA LOCA productions is an former filmmaker that was behind  numerous short films in the early 2000’s including two documentaries one titled China Since 9-11. Marquis also acted as director of principal photography on the 2007 cult classic Us Sinners.

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