Tonya Kay Cast In Soska Sister Blood Drive PSA Film

January 15, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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Tonya Kay in The Cholas

Tonya Kay in pictures in Patrica Chica’s upcoming short “The Cholas”

Joining the cast of yet another film part in the Soska Sister’s annual Blood Drive PSA is Tonya Kay (Bastard, Puppet Master: Axis Termination, Amityville Terror). Joining Patricia Chica’s short “The Cholas” as the lead opposite to fellow genre moguls Tiffany Shepis (Syfy’s 12 Monkeys), Devanny Pinn (House Of Manson), Phillip Friedman (Insidious)  and Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist). “‪When Patricia asked me to be a part of her contribution to this year’s Massive Blood Drive PSA film, I cackled‬” recalls Kay ‪(Favorite Villain, The Horror Society 2016) ‬upon hearing the news she was cast. Evidently Kay previously starred in Chica’s 2016 film, Crimson Dance’. A film in which was part of last year’s Soska Blood Drive PSA, and also one in which Kay starred opposite Tiffany Shepis.

‪Speaking on being asked to star and her time working with Shepis and starring in Crimson Dance’ Kay told me “When Patricia asked me to be a part of her contribution to this year’s Massive Blood Drive PSA film, I cackled.  Last year, I played a lead role in Chica and Romano’s short film, Crimson Dance, which was included in the Soska Sister’s Massive Blood Drive PSA 2016 and went on to screen numerous festivals internationally and domestically. Not only did I get to work with Tiffany Shepis (whom is cool af) in Crimson Dance, but I got footage of every horror actresse’s dream:  the Carrie moment – a full blood bath – Flash Dance style!  Blood everywhere from eyelashes to toe nails and all exposed skin in between (which was quite a lot since my character was accurate-to-life, a Burlesque Headliner performing a tantalizing and revealing fire dance).  I mean, when I say “blood everywhere” I really mean it in this case.  In my ears and every crease – everywhere!”‬

‪Additionally Kay also promoted the Soska’s event ‬”‪It’s an honor to work with the Soska Sisters on this project – we got emails and texts from them throughout our filming.  And it’s great knowing our PSA ultimately reminds our fans that blood is not just a gorgeous and impressive effect used in the horror movies we love, but a live-saving liquid for someone in need of donation.  It’s in you to give!”‬

The Cholas’ doesn’t have a released synopsis as of yet but I do hear [according to IMDB] Kay’s character is dubbed Chola Kay, it’s being produced by Michelle Romano (Crimson Dance) and actor‪ Ivan Sharudo is additionally set to star. I also heard, Romano and Chica‬ are set to do cameos.

Below we have a set of shots from set, most featuring Kay the latter featuring ‪Devanny Pinn, Michelle Romano, Patricia Chica, Tiffany Shep‬is and Kay. Additionally we have a shot of Kay and Chica on-set 2016’s ‘Crimson Dance’.


February 1st, the Soska Sisters will release their annual Massive Blood Drive PSA in conjunction with Women In Horror Month.‬

‪Stay tuned.


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