Lucille Made A Cameo On Supernatural And It Was Epic !

March 9, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Supernatural just caught fans off-guard and claimed an epic crossover of sorts. After only a moment into tonight’s we see Sam and Dean enter the Men of Letters’ bunker after killing Sirens on hunting trip. In Dean’s hand is a bat wrapped in barbed wire. And Dean said “Dad would love this thing”. The bat, well, it was none other than Lucille or at least it’s twin.  There is no word yet if the bat is actually a prop borrowed from The Walking Dead, either way it is pretty awesome.
spn lucille 2
spn lucille 3
Some of you might wonder what the connection is between Negan and Supernatural. Let me explain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan on The Walking Dead also played John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s dad on Supernatural.
This isn’t the first time Jansen Ackles (aka Dean) has got his hands on Negan’s toy, but tonight’s cameo is certainly the most epic. Ackles even gave Morgan a heads up via Twitter.
ja lucille
Bravo Supernatural, Bravo!

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