Akira Kurosawa’s Adaption Of Poe’s Masque Of The Red Death Entering Production

March 15, 2017

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A movie adaption of Edgar Allen Poe’s terrifying tale, The Masque of the Red Death, is entering production. Originally adapted by Akira Kurosawa and set in Russia, it was set to be filmed back in 1998, but was never made due Kurosawa’s stroke, followed by his death.
Chinese Studio’s Huayi Brothers in conjunction with CKF Pictures will breathe new life into the project by producing the film from Kurosawa’s screenplay. There is no word who will direct.
Cinephilia & Beyond featured an English translation of the film’s plot, “humanity is faced with a deadly contagion, and people’s characters, resilience and survival are being tested as society is pushed well into the brinks of despair and possible annihilation.”
Poe’s short story finds Prince Prospero as he attempts to avoid a plague, known as the “Red Death”, by seeking refuge in his abbey. As he hosts a masquerade ball with many wealthy nobles in attendance, a mysterious figure arrives disguised as a plague victim. Soon Prospero and his guests find themselves infected.
Akira Kurosawa’s name should sound familiar. Remember 2016’s western The Magnificent Seven? That film is a remake of the 1960 film written by Kurosawa. It is only one of the many films based on and remade from his screenplays.
This isn’t the first time Poe’s gothic tale has been made into a film. There was a film by the same name released in 1964 directed by Roger Corman and starring Vincent Price.
We will keep you updated as more details are announced.

Artwork by: Ethan Clements

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