SCREAM’ Drops Tracy Middendorf…And Rest Of Cast?; Season 3 Equals New Cast, New Plot..New Show?

March 21, 2017

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Written by Capt McNeely

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MTV’s slasher remake of Wes Craven’s SCREAM ended last in bloodshed and horror with last October’s Halloween Special. The TV-movie came after a suspenseful season of the fan-fav show. Past criticisms of the show, such as the very low bodycount totals, were put to rest with the film as it brought a hefty six corpses with its finale. The next season which was already reported to be a short 6 episode one, will be helmed with different showrunners and possibly a different direction due to the departure of series vet. Tracy Middendorf (Wes Craven’s New Nightmare). Does Middendorf’s departure mean her character has been murdered like in Craven’s slasher? Time will tell.
Middendorf’s departure was confirmed via Twitter earlier this month
The MTV series’ predecessor, the SCREAM film franchise, followed the story of Sidney Prescott as she and anybody in contact with her were terrorized and killed by the Ghost-faced killer. Prescott’s mother proved to be motive for the killing spree due to her being intimate with Prescott’s boyfriend’s father. Prescott’s mother was offed after the affair in a off-screen killing by [SPOILER] Prescott’s boyfriend and his friend Stu Macher in Ghost-Face costume. Will SCREAM: The TV Series’ homage this plot and make Middendorf’s character suffer the same fate? There’s no word yet.
[UPDATE] Not long after this news was broken, reports have it via Deadline, the network’s fav-favorite will in fact be rebooted for season 3. The reboot, though speculated to possibly opt for references to seasons 1 and 2, may go in a entirely and I hope better direction. Deadline further claims they have Intel the new season will bypass season 2’s cliffhanger and start fresh; new plot, new cast, new rules. The site also claims they have word that the cast have been quietly given permission to find other jobs and have already done so; Series main, Willa Fitzgerald, nabbed a role on FOX’s pilot, Behind Enemy Lines. MTV and Dimension remain to have no comment, confirming nor denying Deadline’s claims.
SCREAM: The TV Series’ follows the story of a group of teens terrorized by phone, text and snapchat by a masked Ghost-Faced Killer before their brutal murder by the infamous killer. The killing spree is framed around, like the films, a female heroine, Emma Duvall (Willa Fitzgerald). Show-runners for the series have been changed twice already in the show’s history; First being the creative team up of Jill Blotevogel and Jamie Paglia for season 1 and next being the team-up of Richard Register and Michael Gans for season 2. Season 3’s new show-runners have yet to be announced nor has a new cast if there will in fact be one. If you ask this reporter what kind of direction SCREAM should go in next? Make the show a LOT more gory. This is horror-tv slasher edition…right? The SCREAM Halloween Special proved to be the best and goriest edition of Season 2..follow that streak MTV.
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