Syfy Adapting George R. R. Martin’s NIGHTFLYERS For New Series

May 12, 2017


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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With Syfy approaching their 25th anniversary, they are aiming to celebrate by upgrading their content by “doubling down on premium original programming”. One of the new “premium” programs is the series adaption of George R. R. Martin’s supernatural novella Nightflyers.
Published in 1980, the story, which was adapted for the 1987 film by the same name, is set in the future on the eve of earth’s destruction. A crew of 8 scientists aboard the possessed ship “The Nightflyer” are on a mission to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that may hold the key to their survival. As they approach their destination, they suspect that the ship’s artificial intelligence and their mysterious captain may be steering them towards unspeakable horrors.

NIGHTFLYERS, Michael Des Barres, 1987. ©New Century Vista Film

©New Century Vista Film

The Midnight Meat Train’s Jeff Buhler will write the adaption. Robert Jaffee who produced the 1987 film, will produce the series along with Gene Klein (Suits), David Bartis (Mr. and Mrs. Smith), Michael Gaeta (Jacob’s Ladder), Alison Rosenzweig (Jacob’s Ladder), and Lloyd Miller (Fright Night (2011)) serving as executive producer.
We will keep you updated as new information for Nightflyers comes to light. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the for the 1987 adaption.

Don’t worry, I’m sure the special effects on series will be much better.

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