The Webtoon ‘Melvina’s Therapy’ Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

March 13, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

Georgia Division ZADF Twitter: @ZADF_ORG is a fun site where comic authors can showcase their works to readers. I’ve been a reader on the site for a while and have found some really nice comics that tend to be the “slice of life” comedic variety but recently I’ve discovered a darker comic that I could not stop reading as soon as I started, Melvina’s Therapy by A. Rasen.
The Webtoon is about a Psychiatrist name Melvina who helps her clients unlock their deepest emotional trauma to “help” them; yes I used quotations there because in truth she’s using her patients to achieve a nefarious goal of using their torment as nourishment for herself.

Twitter @rasencomics

The overall plot is dark and mysterious with each chapter having their own twisted plot. The stories remind me of some of the really good horror manga’s I’ve read in the past. The art is fantastic and what I really love about this comic is the attention to detail. A. Rasen really put a lot of thought into the stories right down to the tiniest detail that becomes a game for readers to find because at the end of the first three chapters (the fourth he wanted fans to communicate among themselves their thoughts and theories) he goes into details on the symbolism used in the story as well as pointing out some little Easter eggs he put in the stories, for example in one of the chapters the carpeting used in a house is the same carpeting from The Shining.

Twitter @rasencomics

The comic has a rating of 9.60 stars and it’s no wonder why Melvina’s Therapy is a good creepy read. The comic is currently on hiatus and will return soon which gives you time to catch up on some reading, go ahead, make an appointment to see Melvina!

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