Real Nightmare Fuel Coming To Burger King

October 18, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Burger King will be releasing a festive specialty burger on October 22nd appropriately called the “Nightmare King” made with a flame-broiled beef patty, crispy chicken fillet, bacon, mayo, and onions served on green buns.
Last time Burger King had a Halloween themed burger it was the “HA1LOWEEN Whopper” where the buns were black because they were supposedly infused with “A1 Steak sauce” and caused people to run to the emergency room worried because, sorry to be blunt, the burgers turned their poop dark green.

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Having green pooh is the least of your worries!

This time the burger was given its title of “Nightmare King” because the fast-food chain claims it was clinically proven to cause night terrors. A ten-night study was done at the Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services in which 100 participants ate the burger before bed.
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According to Dr. Jose Gabriel Medina who led the trials, 4% of the test subjects had nightmares (on their own) randomly, but after introducing the subjects to eating the burgers before bed going to sleep has raised the number up 3.5 times.
Its unknown as to what causes these lucid dreams and that’s what concerns some who fear that the fast food giant is adding some nefarious ingredient into the food. Some may even theorize that the combinations of what’s in the burger may cause nightmares as it’s believed that certain foods can/have cause nightmares.
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The gastronomic debate whether or not certain foods or combinations of certain ingredients are capable of doing so is still heavily debated among experts. Whether or not you believe the hype that will certainly build up around this burger is up to you but one thing is certain; there will be a lot of tweets about poop color!

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