Game Review: ‘Resident Evil 3’

CAPCOM was awesome enough to allow me a chance to experience to see that regardless of what’s going on in the world right now, there could be zombies and a large bio-weapon chasing me! Of course, I’m talking about Resident Evil 3, the latest installment in the remake boom that came to the franchise last year with the outstanding Resident Evil 2, but does RE3 keep the momentum going? This is a spoiler-free review so it’s safe sailing ahead!





Resident Evil 3 takes place slightly before and during the events of Resident Evil 2 (just like in the original) and follows our heroine Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the horrors of Raccoon City as the T-Virus outbreak turns the citizens into Zombies. Jill must also face mutants and the fearsome Nemesis that pursues her with the objective to kill members of the S.T.A.R.S. unit.





I’m quite impressed with how easy the controls are and being able to remember what button does what, so I’m not fumbling around in a panic. Depending on your style, you may want to lower the aim sensitivity but I was able to get used to it quite quickly too.

Playing with headphones on is probably the best way to go with this game as the sound effects, dialogue and music are on point! In true CAPCOM fashion, the voice acting in this game is top-notch and rivals the original.





Graphics, just like in RE2, they’re amazing. Taking the comic book look from the original and bringing it to how it would have looked which brings me to the character model of Jill. The way they have her look in this game honestly makes more sense than how she looked in the 1999 version. Unfortunately given how the characters are dressed, I feel there’s confusion. Does the game take place in 1998 (as some documents you read state) or is it present judging how characters are dressed?

The story overall, first off to those who played the original one on PS1, you’ll have a pretty good grasp of the story and characters BUT just like RE2 there are many surprises waiting for you but where this is a horror game it, unfortunately, has more of an action game feeling with it. I feel that my encounters with Nemesis were not scary enough, part of me wants to blame the over the shoulder view of the camera and part of me wants to say it’s because I’m not a 15-year-old kid who played the original back in the day anymore.



No toilet paper, Spagettios, and Hand Sanitizer in Raccoon City either!



Overall my experience with Resident Evil 3 was amazing! I enjoy the addition to the original story that makes the game unique on its own. Whether you played the original or are new to the series, this is a great game to play while it offers something new to new players and shaking things up to veterans of the original.

On my scale of 5 stars, even though I felt the game lacked a bit of the original scare factor, I won’t count it against the game as it made up for it by being a re-imaginative story with well-placed surprises that made me jump at times. Resident Evil 3 is beyond 5 stars, wait I meant Staaaaaaaaaaaaars!





Resident Evil 3 will be coming out April 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and will include the Online Multiplayer Resident Evil Resistance.


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